Ideas And Tips For Landscaping Your Front Yard

In residential properties, front yards traditionally had two main purposes: to provide and highlight the entrance to your home and to create kerb appeal. But today, in addition to these two benefits, a well-designed landscape can now also improve the appeal of your home by accentuating or complementing its architecture.

To enjoy these benefits for your front yard’s landscape, here are some useful tips and ideas:

Consider the important elements that make for a good entryway design.

These three elements are vehicle circulation and parking, creating a beckoning walkway to your door, and accenting the front entry.

For driveways, the most commonly used materials today are concrete, exposed aggregate and bluestone since they durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

For an appealing walkway, consider using pavers to line pathways and have them interposed with round stones (a popular landscape design today). You can also make sure your front entry complements your landscape by having it painted in the bright colours and putting some plants and flowers on it or close by.







Have a terraced garden.

Whether you have a small front yard or a huge one, it will benefit you greatly if it features some terraced plants since it will add texture to your lawn. Of course, you will have more spaces to use for planting.

When choosing your plants for your terraced planters, make sure they are colourful and bright, they have contrasting form and texture, and they are easy to maintain. Some examples of low-maintenance plants that you can consider (because they grow relatively anywhere in Australia) are spotted Emu bush and Kangaroo paw.







Fill your yard with flowers.

The best landscaped yards always find a balance by incorporating the right types of plants. However, planting colourful bloomers is always a sure-fire way to make your yard feel more welcoming and appealing. Go for bold, bright hues to make a bigger impact even if you don’t have a lot of space.

The NSW Christmas bush is one of the species of bright flowering plants that you should have in your home since they can grow anywhere along Australia’s East Cost. Albery’s Red is a common variety of this plant and blooms from early November up until Christmastime.

Darwinia oldfieldii also showcases a unique beauty with its compact red flowers and are ideal in the garden or a pot.

Everlasting daisies can be found anywhere in Australia and they are famous for their pink, lemon, gold, and white flowers. They are easy to grow as well.








Have a designated area for entertaining guests.

Lastly, you can give your front yard a more welcoming feel by having a patio on it. It is the perfect place to welcome and entertain guests. You can also decorate your patio with a skirt of flowers or a small hedge to help it look more intimate and enclosed.

You also have the option to cultivate the Happy Wanderer, a plant that has a variety of colourful flowers in purple, pink, or mauve, on the posts of your porch or near the walls. This plant suits most parts of Australia and often flowers throughout winter and spring.









If you put some thought and work into landscaping your front yard, you will have one that boosts both the appeal of your property and its market value.


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