Jim’s Gardening offers an affordable garden landscaping and design service – from initial garden design, to soil & plant selection, irrigation, retaining walls, garden beds and more.

So if you are looking to refresh a tired garden design, or just moved in to a new property or a brand new home build,
don’t put off the landscaping job any longer. Call us for a free quote on  131 546
or Book Online. Your local
Jim can work with you to come up with your perfect garden design, and ensure that the result is practical,
sustainable and easy to maintain.

Your local Jim can provide a range of garden landscaping services including:

  • Garden Design
  • Hard and Soft Landscaping Services
  • Retaining Walls & Drainage solutions
  • Lawn and Turf selection, and of course supply and installation
  • Expert plant selection & supply
  • Water Tanks and Irrigation Systems
  • Drought tolerant gardens
  • Expert lawn maintenance & care – restoration, weeding, fertilising, coring, aeration, top coating and
  • Garden mulching and fertilising
  • Installation of Garden edging and borders
  • Synthetic turf installation

You Local Jim’s Landscaping and Garden Design team will help develop a plan to achieve a beautiful, functional &
sustainable garden to your budget.  Just Call  131
 or Book a
Landscaping Quote Online