The Best Hedge Plants For Blocking Noise

If you live near a busy road or have particularly loud neighbours, you know how disruptive noise can be. Planting hedge plants to help block and reduce noise that your property receives is not only an effective solution, but also an aesthetically pleasing one. Hedges can provide an additional layer of privacy, as well as be useful in blocking strong winds and absorbing air pollution. As gardening experts, we’ve dealt with many a hedge in our time! Using our expertise, we at Jim’s Mowing have put together a list of the best hedge plants which can block noise.

Our recommended noise blocking hedge plants

The first step to planting a hedge which will effectively block noise is to choose the right plants. You can choose any common hedge plants to help block noise. However, ideally you want plants that have thick foliage, grow high and wide, and have evergreen growth. We have listed our recommended hedge plants below, but keep in mind what will work best for your garden will depend on your climate, soil type and any relevant council guidelines.


Bamboo hedge plant for blocking noise

Clumping Bamboo (Bambusa) is incredibly fast growing and due to its high density, it’s considered an ideal choice for blocking noise. Bambusa can reach up to 20 metres in height and can do well in a wide variety of temperatures, even being able to handle down to -12℃. You can grow Bambusa in most types of soil, aside from Clay, and it can survive in full sun to shade.


Juniper hedge plant for blocking noise

Juniper varieties are conifer plants with dense foliage which grow in an elegant teardrop shape. Junipers have a rich pine scent and some varieties, like the ‘Spartan’, can grow up to five metres tall and 2 metres wide. If you are growing a Juniper Spartan, they require a sunny position and do well in free draining soil type with a high level of organic matter. Junipers may grow slower than other hedge varieties so aren’t ideal if you need an immediate solution to your noise issues.


Bottlebrush hedge plant for blocking noise

The Native Slim Callistemon or Slim Bottlebrush produces thick foliage and stunning flowers which are great for attracting pollinators and birds. As they only grow just over one metre wide and three metres high, they are ideal for tight planting spots. Being both drought and frost tolerant, they can be planted from Queensland to Victoria as long as they are in full sun. Avoid alkaline soils, Slim Bottlebrush grows best in slightly acidic soils which are well-drained.

Leightons Green

Leightons Green hedge for noise blocking

Leighton Greens are very fast growing conifers with dense foliage. Due to their ability to grow to immense heights, up to 20 metres high and ten metres wide, they are best suited for larger residential or commercial properties. They also require more frequent pruning and trimming than other hedge varieties because they can grow so fast. Leighton Greens are very hardy, growing in a range of climates and being able to tolerate frost and salt. Grow them in full-sun or partial shade, in well-drained and fertile soil.


Photinia hedge plant for blocking noise

The Photinia is recognisable by its fantastic red and bronze leaves in the spring. Due to having multiple trunks, Photinias thicken up quickly and their dense foliage is ideal for a noise blocking hedge. Keep in mind that the Photinia has white flowers which produce an unpleasant and strong scent that can cause hay fever and sinusitis in some people.

Photinias grow up to six metres and require full sun. They can thrive in any soil type, as long as it is well-draining, but avoid overwatering your Photinias. Because they are drought tolerant and can grow in both sub-tropical and cold climates, they are considered to be very hardy plants.

Planting your hedge to block noise

To minimise as much noise as possible, it’s best to plant your hedge along a wall to have a multi-layer sound buffer. If you require assistance planting your hedge, you can use our professional gardening services to handle the hard work for you! To ensure that your hedge maintains its appearance whilst also helping to block noise, you’ll need regular pruning. Our expert team offers hedge and pruning services to keep your garden in tip-top shape! Enquire about a free quote today.

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