The Best Plants To Use For Hedging

Hedges are great to plant to enjoy attractive outdoor spaces, create privacy, and buffer noise in the neighborhood. With a lot of species to choose from, it can be difficult to select the best plant for hedging.

Besides Lilly Pillies, here are some other plants that can be used to create appealing hedges;

Buxus, also known as Boxwood, is an evergreen shrub that is considered ideal for sculpting. They can be shaped into perfect geometric shapes, making them ideal as border plants. They thrive in well-drained soil under partial to full sunlight. They are fragrant, low maintenance, and deer resistant.

Azaleas are considered tough, beautifully blooming shrubs. They are ideal to use as borders and as plants in landscapes. Like the Boxwood, they also thrive in well-drained soil under partial to full sunlight. They are heat- and cold-tolerant and lace bug-resistant.

Indian Hawthorn, also known as Rhaphiolepis Indica, are super tough shrubs that grow white and pink flowers that are very decorative. They are great for home and commercial landscapes and gardens. They thrive in sandy to well-drained clay types of soil under moderate shade to full sunlight. They are attractive and tolerant of extreme weather.

The Coastal Westringia, also known as Westringia, are a type of shrubs that are great for hedging. They are considered medium to tall hedging plants that have tidy form and mauve-coloured flowers. They thrive in sandy to well-drained types of soil under partial shade to full sunlight. They are fast-establishing hedges that require less pruning.

The Iresine herbstii, also known as Herbst’s bloodleaf, belongs to a species of flowering plants that can add a contrast in colour to any garden. They are commonly used as foliage in gardens and as small borders and hedges. They grow in moist, loamy, top-heavy soil types under partial shade to full sunlight. In places where frost is expected, they are best kept in sheltered areas. They are compact and tidy plants that require less pruning.

Callistemon Viminalis, also known as Weeping Bottlebrush, is commonly used as hedges. This plant grows in most types of soil under partial shade to full sunlight. They are drought- and frost-tolerant and require less pruning. They also thrive well in windy areas.



Indian Hawthorn









Iresine Herbstii

Callistemon Viminalis









These are just some of the most popular plants for hedging in Australia. You may choose to have different species planted in your property. The most important things to consider before choosing are the place you live in, the type of soil in your area, and how much time you can devote to maintenance work.

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