How to Edge Your Lawn

How to edge your lawn

Got the hang of mowing your lawn but still struggling with how to get that perfect edge? In this blog, we cover a few tips and tricks from Jim’s Mowing professionals on how to edge your lawn like the pros, along with which machine you might like to use to get the job done. 

Don’t hang onto the machine too hard

When cutting your lawn with a brushcutter, John says not to hang onto the machine too hard. “If you hang onto it, you can’t really control it,” John says. Holding on too tight can also make you feel tired faster. Instead, keep it light in your hands. 

Learn how a brushcutter works

Before picking up the tool, understand how it works for best results. It’s only the tip that cuts, so keep that in mind when looking to create your straight edge. When cutting, imagine that you’re trying to draw a straight line. “To get that feeling of a straight line, that’s what I’m always trying to do,” John says. “We’re only using the tip; we’re not stabbing like a pencil into the paper”. Hold the brushcutter square to the grass and run parallel to the footpath.

Know where to stand

There are two basic techniques when edging your lawn: standing on the inside or on the outside of your lawn. John says he likes the technique of standing on the inside, as it can offer protection against potential roads (such as if you were cutting your nature strip). If it is safe to do so, you might like to stand on the outside. This can help you to see the edge very clearly. 

Don’t stress if you don’t get it first go

If you don’t have an edge to begin with, don’t stress about getting the edge perfect the first time. “It takes time and effort of putting in to get that edge perfect,” John says. “Eventually, you’ll get that nice little groove.” Once established, this groove can act as a guide to show you where you need to be cutting. Check out John’s video on getting a straight edge here.

Brushcutter or edger?

So, should you use a brushcutter (whipper snipper) or a dedicated edger for the job? Mike from The Mow Show says you might have more use options with a brushcutter. “There’s probably far more flexibility with a whipper snipper,” he says. “It means that you can not only do an edge with a whipper snipper, but you can also do some slashing around, cleaning up under hedges and plants”. Alternatively, an edger has a much more specific use case. 

“When we have an edger, it’s a far more dedicated tool, and your flexibility is minimum,” Mike says. An edger may be easier to produce a fantastic straight line, whereas using a brushcutter might take a little practice to get the same results. “If you are looking for that crisp, perfect, professional edge, then the edger really does become the machine”.

“In terms of using and operating, there’s a fair learning curve for both,” Mike says. Both machines will also need to have parts replaced over time. For the whipper snipper, this is the cord, and for the edger, it’s the blade. 

The choice of which machine to buy and use will depend on a variety of factors, including personal preference, what you wish to use it for, and cost. 

For more details on the two machines, check out our video on the difference between a brushcutter and an edger

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