How to Plant a Patio Pot with Bulbs

Full of vibrant and fragrant flowers, planting spring bulbs in patio pots will brighten up any area. Bulbs are ideal for pots of any size with so many varieties to choose your options are endless.   The Australian Autumn is the optimum time to plant your bulbs – Daffodills, Tulips, Freesias, Blue Bells, Irises, Hyacinths, Gladioli, Alliums, Anemones and many spring flowers.  By opting for different types of bulbs you can have your pots blooming from winter though to summer.

Step 1

Your pot must have holes for drainage as otherwise bulbs can become water logged and rot. Bigger bulb varieties like daffodils and tulips need to be planted to a depth of 15 centimetres; small bulbs such as crocus and grape hyacinth at a depth of 10 centimetres; so choose a pot according to size of bulbs you are planting.

Step 2

Use a good quality potting mix which will help with drainage and the right nutrients to give you bulbs the best start. Place a few centimetres of the potting mix in the bottom of the pot.

Step 3

If planting only one type of bulb place them in the pot almost touching each other that way you will get a lovely full bloom of flowers filling the entire pot.

If you are planting a range of different sized bulbs, plant larger ones at deeper level first, cover with potting mix and then plant smaller bulbs on top.

Step 4

Cover with potting mix, leaving 2-3 centimetres from the top for watering. Water in the bulbs until you see water running out the bottom. You must keep watering frequently.  If the bulbs start to dry up it will damage the growth of the flower. Pots can dry up faster than garden soil, so you will need to water more frequently.

Step 5

Keep patio pots in a cool shaded area until the plants start to grow. Once the bulbs begin to shoot place them in sunlight to help aide the health and growth of the plant.

Step 6

Once bulbs have started to grow you may choose to add fertiliser to help with the health of the plants.

Need help?

Jim’s Mowing & Gardening team can help plant bulbs in autumn for a glorious display come spring.  If you need help with gardening, landscaping or simply lawn mowing, just call 131 546 for a free quote; or book online 24/7 here.

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