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Great followup
N - Wednesday 31st of January 2018


Was very happy with the service. The only thing that could have been better, was I actually requested to have only the broken parts of a bougainvillea plant removed. The whole plant got removed, but that's still a win. It was a mean little plant. I will find something that doesn't prick me to replace it.
O L - Wednesday 11th of April 2018


If you say you are going to do the job and then don't turn up that is terrible service! The guy gave me a quote for lawn mowing and weeding and then I said I'll hold off on the mowing but I'll get the weeding done. So he gave me a quote for his wife and son to do it, which I thought was odd, however I booked it in. He then text me 2 days later and said, we won't be able to do the job! Jim's is a joke and if anyone ask about you I'll be telling them how shit the lack of service was!
R J - Wednesday 20th of December 2017
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