Franchises For Sale Listings

Jim’s Mowing & Gardening services continues to grow – despite We now have more than 1500 Jim’s Mowing Franchisees Australia-wide – and growing – we still have thousands of leads every month that go unserviced.

Naturally, we don’t like to let these opportunities go, so we are looking to grow the business and service customer demand by bringing in more Jim’s Mowing Franchisees to Join the Jim’s Mowing Business.

As a result, we have hundreds of mowing franchisee territories available for sale.  Some Jim’s Franchisee Mowing Business are in are new areas, entirely unserviced but with leads ready. Other Franchisee Businesses for Sale are located in established areas.  Often our current franchisees are so busy with their existing work, they need to “split” their territory to ensure the quality standards are maintained for their existing customers.  The balance of new work leads can be directed to the “split” territory, such is the demand that being part of an established franchise brand like Jim’s, brings to the table.  Your risks are dramatically lowered, cash-flow accelerated and our New Jim’s Franchisees can get off to a rapid start, working their own hours, being their own boss.

If’ you’d like to know more about Joining the Jim’s Mowing team, please see the FAQ section, see what our new and old franchisees alike have to say in our Franchisee Testimonials.  Or get straight to the Franchisee for Sale listings by selecting the State & Territory links below – there’s bound to be a Jim’s Mowing Business for Sale in a location nearby to you (or perhaps suited to someone you know).

You can register your interest and get a free information kit, or call 131 546 directly and our team will direct your inquiry to the closest Franchisor to help.  Do you know Jim has a “Pay for Work Guarantee” and can offer Finance to get your business kick started in some instances.  Wait are you waiting for?