Inglewood West

Inglewood West

Welcome to Jim’s Mowing in Inglewood West. Call us today on 131 546 or book online for a no obligation quote!

John at Jim’s Mowing Inglewood West has lived in the area for over 20 years. Already well known and respected in the community for his previous role as a primary school teacher, John has always had a passion for gardening and the outdoors – and made a career change with Jim’s, to enjoy the flexibility and satisfaction which comes from the role, working outdoors, and seeing a job well done.

“I love the opportunity to be my own business owner, where I am responsible for my success” says John, Franchisee. “I’m driven to provide outstanding service – and I enjoy being outside for work and seeing a completed project which is neater, tidier and an improvement on the garden’s appearance”.

John at Jim’s Mowing Inglewood West is the local area’s leading lawn care expert. Able to turn an overgrown or dry, patchy lawn into a thick, green and luscious lawn – John can diagnose problems, treat pests or weeds, lay turf, mow and edge and build up the health and appearance of your lawn with regular maintenance. A gorgeous lawn adds character and style to the look and feel of any property!

At Jim’s Mowing Inglewood West, we also specialise in a great range of garden care areas, offering our clients services which include:

  • Mulching, fertilising, pruning
  • Hedge care & maintenance
  • Drainage & irrigation
  • Weed and pest control
  • Landscaping (including shrub and plant selection)
  • Gutter clearing, window cleaning
  • Seasonal gardening duties and ad hoc garden tasks as required

We’re a true one-call garden solution! Even if you have something unusual or special in mind for your garden, speak to us – we can design you a garden care or maintenance package which will suit any unique requirements or budget.

Fully insured, qualified, police checked ,you can’t go wrong in the garden with John at Jim’s Mowing Inglewood West. Whether you need a one-off or occasional mow, or need someone to look after the ongoing maintenance of your lawn and garden, speak to us at Jim’s Mowing Inglewood West, and let the experts look after you!

All enquiries are welcome, call 131 546 or book online!