Franchisor for Sale - Albany Creek West / Eatons Hill

For Sale: Jim’s Mowing Albany Creek West / Eatons Hill

As a group, Jim’s Mowing has more work than we can handle – in fact as many as 30,000 jobs go un-serviced each year. So we are looking to expand and specifically are looking for Franchisees to start a business in Albany Creek West / Eatons Hill.

Jim’s Mowing is a lifestyle business. You can be your own boss, work your own hours, and with the opportunity to build without limit. So if you are interested in a mowing business in Albany Creek West / Eatons Hill, call us today on 131 546 to find out more. Or simply Register Your Interest here and we’ll have one of our franchisors give you a call and arrange to catch up for a chat.

You get to start your own business with the backup and security of an established, proven system, a market leader and trusted brand established in 1989.

And Jim’s, for all its size, is still a personal business. Jim’s Group is owned 100% by Jim, who works daily in the business. Every Franchisee is given his personal Email and Contact Number and invited to call him any time. Every year, hundreds do.

At Jim’s Mowing We Work for You! We treat customers like royalty, as Franchisees you are our customers and get the very best help and support. Read our Franchisee Testimonials, and see the difference joining Jim’s Mowing has made to their lives.

There are great benefits to being part of Jim’s Mowing: good reputation; proven system; ongoing support; training; options to grow; great network for help and much more.

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Over the many years of franchising we have built relationships with all the major brands of power equipment.

We can customise an equipment package that best suit your needs.

You can purchase it outright or rent it for a small weekly fee from Ezyrental

Our goal at Jim’s Mowing is to make it easy as possible for you to get into a franchise.

The Iconic Jim’s Mowing trailer is the hub of your franchise.

It stores all of your equipment, carries loads of materials and most of all is your biggest form of advertising.

We’ve sourced the best trailer from across Australia, and each trailer is custom built with many options available.

Trailer can be purchased outright or can be rented for a small weekly fee through Ezyrental.

Starting a new business can be a stressful time.  Both personally and financially.

Which is why Jim’s offers a New Franchise Business with a weekly Pay for Work Guarantee.

This offer is specifically for those franchisees starting a new business area, rather than taking over an established client list. But with more than 30,000 unserviced leads each year, Jim’s is confident of generating inquiries and work leads quickly for new business franchise areas.

Yet another way Jim’s Mowing takes the stress out of starting your franchisee business with us.

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