Having a garden with lots of shade can be fantastic in the hot summer months. Shady spots offer a place to retreat from the harsh summer heat and are great for entertainers who tend to spend a lot of the summer outdoors. But, too much shade can cause issues for many types of lawns. Often, […]

As the festive season fast approaches, you may be thinking of transforming your existing outdoor area to the perfect entertaining area. And with a few landscaping tips and tricks, you can! As gardening and landscaping experts, we’ve come up with some easy ways you can take a drab outdoor area into a lively entertaining space. […]

Although the heat of summer is great for trips to the beach, family barbecues, and afternoon drinks outside, it can be tough on your garden! You can do some pre-summer gardening tasks to ensure that your garden doesn’t succumb to the hot heat once summer is in full swing. To help prepare your garden, we’ve […]

Whether enjoyed in a risotto, grilled on the barbecue, or added to a stir fry, mushrooms are incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking and are a great addition to your edible garden! As expert gardeners, we are big fans of growing mushrooms! In this guide, we explain the benefits of growing your own mushrooms […]

A beautiful garden can elevate even the most drab property! With stunning colours, shapes and smells, there’s no wonder that so many people want their garden to look beautiful throughout the year. While most plants are seasonal (known as Annuals), meaning they tend to thrive in certain seasons, some plants (known as Perennials) are able […]

As spring is well-underway and the temperatures slowly creep up, it’s time to begin thinking about how you can help protect your lawn from heat damage in the summer. The strong Australian sun can transform the greenest lawn into an unfortunate patch of brown if it is not properly protected! At Jim’s Mowing, we’re experts […]

Protecting your home from bushfires should be a top priority, especially if you live in a particularly high risk area. Although careful tree and plant selection can’t guarantee your property being safe in a bushfire, it can help make your property less flammable. That’s why we recommend making an informed decision about what trees and […]

Spring has arrived and with it comes a myriad of gorgeous flowers. But, for those with allergies, it can mean a lot of sniffling and sneezing. Not all flowers are created equal when it comes to their sneeze-inducing properties. Some flowers are more hypoallergenic than others, making them a generally better alternative for people who […]

If you are new to the world of lawn care, you may be bamboozled over the term ‘lawn core’ and why you need to perform this type of maintenance. Surely, lawn care is just about mowing, right? But, if you really want your lawn to be the talk of the town (or at least the […]

Is there anything more delicious than something that is homemade? Yes, homegrown ingredients! Growing an edible garden means you are able to produce your own herbs, vegetables and fruits, right in your own backyard. Edible gardening really is the best of both worlds, enabling you the same pleasures of gardening with the added bonus of […]