How to Protect Your Lawn from the Sun & Summer Heat

As spring is well-underway and the temperatures slowly creep up, it’s time to begin thinking about how you can help protect your lawn from heat damage in the summer. The strong Australian sun can transform the greenest lawn into an unfortunate patch of brown if it is not properly protected! At Jim’s Mowing, we’re experts at all things garden and lawn related so we put together some easy tips on how you can ensure your lawn is protected from the sun and intensive summer heat.

Tips for protecting your lawn from the sun & the summer heat

You can’t stop the sun from shining, but you can try to stop it burning your gorgeous lawn to a crisp! Here are our tips and tricks for ensuring your lawn can survive the sweltering heat and limit the sun damage.

Dappled sunlight through leaves with lush fresh lawn in foreground

Don’t cut your grass too short

During the warmer months, you will want to reduce the frequency of your lawn mowing and also allow your grass to grow a little longer. By keeping your grass longer, the soil will have more shade and it will help reduce moisture evaporation. Mowing your grass shorter can put stress on the roots of your lawn which can lead to it turning brown or eventually dying off.

Increase shade

If possible, increase the shade your grass receives by planting bigger plants or trees next to your lawn. If you already have plants growing close to the lawn, let them overhang and avoid excessive trimming so your grass can benefit from the additional shade. 

Water at the right time

Did you know that watering your lawn at different times can affect how much moisture it receives? The best times to water your lawn are either early in the morning or later in the evening. During the hotter months, it’s best to water your grass in the morning before the temperatures heat up and the sun begins to evaporate all the moisture in the soil. When watering your lawn, ensure that the water is reaching down the roots as this enables a thorough watering.

blue watering can watering spring garden

Reduce impact & traffic

The warm summer months are when you want to be enjoying your lawn the most! Whether you are sunbaking on the grass or playing a game of soccer with your family, a lot of impact and traffic on your lawn can result in damage. If possible, avoid waking over any brown spots on your grass and overall reduce traffic on your lawn during particularly hot days.

Aerate your lawn

Before the hot days hit, we recommend aerating your lawn. By aerating your lawn, you will enable more water and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass which is important to reduce the risk of soil compaction. We recommend aerating in late spring so your lawn can reap the benefits as it rolls into summer. Otherwise, aerating in summer can put additional stress on your lawn and lead to damage and stunted growth.

Jims Mowing - Lawn Aeration

Fertiliser before summer

When it comes to fertilising your lawn in the hotter months, there are often mixed messages! Some experts swear that a summer fertiliser is the best thing for a lawn, while others strongly advise against it. We recommend fertilising as part of your spring lawn care routine, so your lawn has time to grow before the heat hits. Otherwise you’ll risk additionally stressing your grass out in the summer and wasting precious fertiliser.

Call in the experts

Still feeling a bit nervous about protecting your lawn from the summer heat and sun? You can enlist the help of Jim’s Mowing! We will ensure that your lawn is adequately protected for the hotter months and can provide a wide range of lawn care services, from aeration to mowing to dethatching! Get in touch with our friendly team today and receive a free quote on your lawn services today!

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