The Grass is Greener on the Other Side: A Follow-up Interview with Greg Collishaw

Jim’s Group is more than just a franchise – it’s a transformation. It changes lives, reshapes careers, and molds everyday people into successful entrepreneurs. We’re back with Greg Collishaw, a former member of Jim’s Group’s media team turned Jim’s Mowing franchisee, for a candid follow-up interview.


We’re taking you behind the scenes of a franchisee’s journey at Jim’s Group. We will explore how Greg Collishaw transitioned from office life to being his own boss in the field.

His story is a testament to the dedication, grit, and rewards that come with owning a Jim’s Group franchise.

Previously, we shared how Greg transitioned from his work as a Jim’s Group employee to becoming a Jim’s Mowing franchisee. In this blog post, we detail an honest candid interview about how he’s doing some months in his business.

From Office Life to Open Field: The Shift to Franchise Ownership

Four months ago, Greg Collishaw decided to flip his career and start his own mowing franchise in the field, leaving his previous position at Jim’s Group. As he says, he’s been “hitting all the goals,” even earning more than he did in his office role.

In the words of Greg, “The first few months were a bit tricky. But now, I think around the three-month mark, I’m starting to feel like every day, I’ve got more energy at the end of the day. And yeah, I’m getting through it. So it’s good.”

Initially, Greg’s transition from an office environment to working outdoors was challenging. Dealing with the physical demands of the job, especially during hot summer days, was tough.

However, with a resilient mindset and a bit of time, he managed to adapt and grow stronger.

Now, Greg enjoys being physically drained at the end of the day rather than mentally, a significant change from his previous role as a video editor.


The Reality of Owning a Franchise: It’s Not a Walk in the Park

One crucial thing Greg emphasizes is that owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise isn’t a walk in the park. While there’s a lot of potential for success, it requires dedication, hard work, and sticking to the rules.

The success mantra is to put in the hours and effort. “As long as you’re putting in the effort, you will succeed. And that’s the biggest thing,” says Greg.

He makes it clear that following the Jim’s Group recommended practices is crucial for success.

Also, unlike a wage job where your pay remains the same irrespective of how much effort you put in, the more you work in Jim’s Mowing, the more you earn.

Greg is a living testament that your hard work does pay off. In fact, he proudly admits he’s earning more now than he ever did with his desk job.


Training and Expectations

The training at Jim’s Group sets the foundation for every franchisee’s journey.

For Greg, having an insider’s view of how the business operates gave him a head start. However, he had to experience the reality of the business firsthand to truly understand its dynamics.

The training and the real world are similar in many aspects, but there’s a difference in the intensity.

Greg admits that some aspects of the business were harder than they seemed during the training sessions, but the rewards made every bit of hard work worthwhile.


Effort Equals Reward: The Jim’s Group Model

One of the key attractions to owning a franchise for Greg was the direct correlation between effort and reward. “When you do put in that effort, you get the reward for it, and it actually comes back to you,” he explains.

Greg points out that, unlike a typical desk job where your salary is fixed, owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise means the harder you work, the more you earn.

The reward system doesn’t just pay off in terms of money, but it also gives a deep sense of accomplishment and control over your career.

The Fruit of Hard Work: Fitness Benefits


Shifting from an office job to mowing lawns for a living has made Greg fitter and healthier.

The physical demands of the job have indeed led him to shed some weight, reinforcing that a Jim’s franchise offers more than just financial rewards – it also contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Back then, he used to be part of the editing team of Jim’s Group, putting together videos, but now he’s out there, bringing lawns to life.

Interestingly, Greg revealed that his new job demands more physical exertion compared to his previous role, which required mental exhaustion.

He said, “Now I’m sort of drained physically, which it’s a different sort of thing. So it’s yeah, it’s, it’s just different. I do enjoy doing the physical stuff a little bit more, I think.”

The Value of a Supportive Community

When it comes to facing challenges, Greg isn’t alone. He credits his franchisor, Aaron, and fellow franchisees for being there when he needs advice or assistance.

There’s a sense of camaraderie among Jim’s Group franchisees, which Greg appreciates, and which goes beyond their shared branding.

Winter is Coming: A Key Advice for Prospective Franchisees

With the onset of winter, Greg noticed that the number of leads he was getting started to thin out. However, he’s not worried because he has a base of regular customers.

His advice for new franchisees, especially those planning to start in winter, is to consider buying a split franchise so that you have a guarantee of a regular customer base to get through the colder months.


Aiming for Expertise: The Next Step in Greg’s Franchise Journey

Looking ahead, Greg wants to continue improving his skills and reaching a level of expertise in his work. He believes that once he’s confident in his abilities, he can then consider expanding his business.


Interested in Starting Your Own Franchise Journey?

Greg’s journey offers a real-life look into what it’s like to own a Jim’s Group franchise. From the transition to outdoor work to the financial rewards to the supportive franchisee community, it’s a testament to what dedication and hard work can bring.

If Greg’s story has inspired you to start your own franchise journey, then Jim’s Group could be your next stop. As a well-established franchise, they offer you not only the opportunity to start your own business, but also the support, guidance, and community you need to succeed.


Taking the First Step

If you’re considering franchising with Jim’s Group, it’s important to do your research first.

Greg shared his best bit of advice for new franchise owners. “I’ll say what everybody else says and do the trial day. Do the meet and greet. Meet the franchisor. You need to get a feel for it before you jump in.”

Explore the variety of services Jim’s Group offers, from mowing and gardening to cleaning and pest control, and consider which one aligns best with your skills and interests.

Also, consider reaching out to current franchisees like Greg to understand their experiences and learn from their journeys.


Training and Support

One of the great advantages of a Jim’s Group franchise is the comprehensive training and support they provide. This includes not just technical training in your chosen service, but also business training to help you manage your franchise effectively.

Once you’re a part of the Jim’s Group community, you’re never alone. As Greg’s story illustrates, the community is always ready to offer advice, share experiences, and provide support.


Taking Control of Your Future

Owning a Jim’s Group franchise means taking control of your future. You’re no longer working for someone else’s dream – you’re working for your own.

The effort you put into your franchise directly translates into your success and rewards.


Conclusion: Start Your Franchise Journey Today

If you’re inspired by Greg’s journey and ready to start your own franchise journey, then take the leap.

Reach out to Jim’s Group and explore the franchising opportunities they have to offer. Remember, as Greg said, “As long as you’re putting in the effort, you will succeed.”

And who knows, perhaps in a few months, we’ll be featuring your success story here too!


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