Buffalo Grass vs Other Popular Varieties of Lawn

There are many types of lawn out there, and it can be daunting knowing which one to pick! With different varieties comes different strengths, weaknesses and attributes. What may work for one property, won’t necessarily work for another. So, where do you start when it comes to choosing the right lawn type for your property?

A common favourite is the Sir Walter Buffalo grass. Due to its durability to withstand foot traffic, lovely appearance and ease of growth, Buffalo tends to be a default for many first time lawn enthusiasts. However, is it really the best grass on the market? We compare Buffalo Grass with other popular varieties.

Zoysia Tenuifoli foliage

Couch vs Buffalo grass

Couch grass (also known as Berumda grass in the USA) thrives in warmer climates so it’s a great choice for properties with lots of sun. It’s also relatively inexpensive, and most blends include ryegrass which can assist in preventing weeds when the seed is first planted. This lawn doesn’t deal well with shady areas, so it’s best suited for spaces with few trees and shadows. It has a fine leaf type, unlike Buffalo which is a little thicker, making it soft under-foot. Couch grass can handle a lot of traffic, making it good for active families. It’s also worth keeping in mind that couch grass can grow pretty aggressively so it requires more maintenance than Buffalo.

Zoysia vs Buffalo grass

Zoysia can be a great choice for Australian gardens for several reasons. It is highly drought-tolerant and requires little water to maintain, while also growing well in moderate shade. It’s a choice worth looking into for those who are after a low-maintenance lawn, as it requires very little fertiliser to look its best. Zoysia is a soft grass, but it is slightly less hard wearing than Buffalo so it might be better suited to less foot traffic areas. This variety is a slow-grower, meaning you’ll need to mow less than you would with some other grass types, and its density makes it resistant to invading weeds.

Kikuyu vs Buffalo grass

Kikuyu is originally from Kenya so it enjoys warmer temperatures and can withstand the intense Australian summers. If you have a property with high levels of shade, it’s much better to choose Buffalo over Kikuyu, as it needs at least five to six hours of sun a day. Kikuyu grass is pretty economical as it doesn’t require any particular soil pH levels or special attention. It does grow extremely quickly so you will need to mow your Kikuyu grass regularly. If you don’t have time to maintain it, the lawn may take over your garden so choose Buffalo instead.

Choosing the right grass for you

When it comes to choosing the right grass for your property, it’ll depend upon your unique needs. Picking the right kind of grass can seem overwhelming at first, but once you narrow down what it is you’re looking for in a lawn, the process can become simpler. It can be highly worthwhile doing a quick pH test using a test kit on your soil to find out what its level is. These test kits range in price, but a basic one is inexpensive and can help tell you what type of soil you’re working with.

Alternatively, you can discuss your requirements and the experienced team at Jim’s Mowing can advise you on the best type of grass for your property. As lawn mowing experts, we know what grass will be ideal for you and then can provide you with regular maintenance and mowing services. Call us on 1300 975 430 or book online!

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