Green waste removal tips for your backyard

If you have a large yard with lots of trees and plants, you may be finding yourself with a lot of green waste accumulating. While this can be annoying if left to mount up, there are several ways you can conduct green waste removal.

In today’s article, we take a look at some potential answers to the question of how do you get rid of waste from your garden?

What is green waste?

Green waste refers to garden waste that may be found in your yard. This is usually made up of twigs, leaves, and branches from trees or other greenery, as well as grass clippings from mowing the lawn.

Why remove green waste?

There are several reasons why you might choose to get rid of this type of waste:

  • It’s unsightly and can make your home look unkempt.
  • It can attract pests, such as rodents and insects, which may in turn damage your property or spread disease.
  • Green waste can take up a lot of space in your yard, meaning less room for projects, gardens, or kids to play.
  • It can be a potential fire hazard during the warm and dry months.

Learn more about green waste and how its treated here.

Green waste removal options

There are a few different methods for getting rid of garden green waste.

Order a green bin

A green bin can be used to easily dispose of green waste, without needing to leave your home. Those that own their property can contact their local council to order a green bin however, it will likely come at an additional cost to your rates. If you are currently renting, you’ll need to get in touch with your landlord or rental agency to make a request for a green bin at your property.

Make a tip run

Heading to your local tip or waste disposal centre is another way to get rid of green waste from your garden. Waste disposal centres will typically have a specific section where you can dump your green waste. You should receive waste disposal vouchers with your rates notices. These vouchers can be redeemed at waste disposal centres for a set weight of waste. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to vouchers, you can pay for disposing of your green waste at one of these centres. Place the waste in green waste bags and empty them out when you arrive, or load your green waste directly into a trailer to take to the centre.

Start a compost bin

A compost bin is a great way to dispose of green waste while providing extra nutrients for your garden. While you may find it a little tricky to dispose of larger pieces such as tree branches and palm fronds this way, grass clippings and leaves make great compost additions. Building your own compost bin can be a fun weekend activity to get stuck into, and having compost to put on your garden and veggie patch will give your plants extra nutrients for growth.

Get a fire pit

Fire pits provide a space to dispose of your larger green waste, plus somewhere to congregate around during the winter months. Before purchasing a fire pit, check with your local laws to ensure you’re allowed to light a fire. Sticks and larger branches should be dried out before being used in your fire pit. You can also use dried grass and leaves as kindling to get the fire started, but keep in mind these will produce a lot of smoke!

Hire a wood chipper

If you have a large number of tree branches in your garden, you might like to consider hiring a wood chipper to chop them up into chippings. These chippings can then be used as mulch for your garden, placed around the base of trees, or even as a substitute for small pebbles and stones. You can hire wood chippers from a range of places, such as equipment rental companies and nurseries. Remember to always wear safety equipment when using a wood chipper.

Call in the professionals

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the green waste in your yard and don’t have the time to dispose of it yourself? Call in the professionals to lend a hand. Your local Jim’s Mowing franchise can assist you with green waste removal services. Our gardening experts can come to your property and remove your green waste, leaving you time to focus on what’s important to you. Contact our friendly professionals and organise to have your green waste removed with our rubbish removal service.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about your green waste disposal and removal options. When you keep on top of green waste using proper disposal methods, it’s a lot easier to manage. There are several different ways to handle your green waste, including removing it yourself, disposing of it on your residential or commercial property, and bringing in the professionals to lend a hand. Take care of your green waste and keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

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