Top 10 Mosquito Repellent Plants

Our Ten Most Effective Mosquito Repellent Plants

With the weather warming up, you might be starting to notice more mosquitos making an appearance in your outdoor living area, which can be especially annoying for those who like to make the most of the warming weather by hosting barbecues and other social events outside.

You may have taken to burning repellent candles or providing houseguests with cans of insect repellent as they arrive, but what else can you be doing to repel mozzies? Well, believe it or not, certain plants have mosquito repelling properties. These mosquito repellent plants are great to plant in your garden for added protection.

So, what plants repel mosquitos in Australia? Read on to see our list of 10 mosquito repellent plants.


The first on our list of mosquito repellent plants is basil. This tasty herb has a scent that mosquitoes aren’t fond of. Basil is also relatively easy to grow and can be added to a wide range of dishes including pizzas and pasta.


You’ve likely heard of citronella before. Citronella candles are popular for keeping mosquitoes away from areas, but did you know there’s a plant you can grow for this too?! The citronella plant is sometimes also called lemongrass and is a low-maintenance plant that mozzies despise.


Another natural mosquito repellent plant is lavender. With beautiful purple flowers and an inviting scent, this plant has many great properties. Hardy and resilient, lavender is ideal for those without much of a green thumb.


Garlic can help to keep mosquitos out of your garden and away from your family and houseguests. It also has the benefit of being wonderful for adding to heaps of different cooking dishes. Plant garlic in well-drained soil and harvest when the leaves begin to brown.


This herb is another one that can repel mozzies. Thyme loves to be grown in full sun, and can be planted directly in a garden bed and allowed to spread out or kept in a pot and moved about as needed.

Floss flower

You may have noticed this pretty purple flower popping up in your garden before. It can appear amongst your grass or in your garden beds and it’s a wonderful plant for repelling mozzies! This flower also has the added bonus of attracting butterflies and bees!


With a bit of a reputation for being popular with the kitties, catnip’s use as an insect repellent is often overshadowed, but it’s fantastic for keeping mozzies away. This plant has a chemical called nepetalactone that mosquitos hate. Plant it around your garden to help keep mosquitoes at bay.


Want an outdoor mosquito repellent plant that is also stunning to look at? Look no further than the marigold. This flower comes in a variety of bright colours including vibrant yellows through to deep oranges. The marigold flower is also edible and can be added to summer salads to brighten them up. Plant these flowers in pots or directly in the ground.


Sage is yet another herb that can help repel mosquitos. Its strong fragrance is unappealing to pesky mozzies. Plant it in a pot and move it around as needed. Sage can also be added to your cooking. Bake some bread and chuck in some sage for a flavoursome addition.


This herb – like many fragrant herbs – is perfect for keeping mosquitos away. It’s easy to grow and can sometimes get a little out of control if left unchecked. Cuttings can be taken, grown in bottles of water, and then placed around an area for aesthetic decoration that helps to repel mozzies. Add mint to cocktails, salads and desserts, or make a delicious mint sauce to add to your outdoor dinner party spread.

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