Monthly Gardening Tips Australia: September

Top September Gardening Tips

August is done and dusted for another year, which means spring has arrived once again! The season brings with it a few changes. For one, you’ll probably notice your grass growing a little faster than it did during the winter, and possibly some weeds beginning to make an appearance.

So, what’s happening in gardens across the country during September, and what should you have on your checklist for the month? Read on for the first in our series of monthly gardening tips in Australia.

Aerate your lawn

The first of our gardening tips for September is to aerate your lawn. Aeration lets your lawn get access to more oxygen, while also leaving holes for water and fertiliser to get in easier. September is the perfect time to get a little aeration done! This can be accomplished by using a garden fork, aeration shoes, or bringing in a lawn core machine.

Get planting

For many parts of Australia, September signals the start of warmer months, which means it can be a great time to begin growing a variety of different plants. Wondering what you can plant now in Australia? The answer will likely depend on the climatic zone you live in. If you’re in a tropical region, you might like to try growing a passionfruit vine, watermelon, or brightly-coloured chrysanthemum. Those in temperate zones might like to try growing rosemary or blueberries.

Do a little weeding

Weeds may begin to infiltrate your lawn in September, so be on your toes and at the ready to handle them. You might like to manually remove the weeds at their roots, or if there are a few too many, use an herbicide to kill them off. One important gardening tip is to act fast when you see weeds appearing. With weeds, it’s important to move quickly to try and limit their seeding and potential spread. Keep an eye on your garden at the start of spring to notice any weeds that might begin making an appearance.

Prepare your garden for summer

When it comes to gardening in Australia, particularly in the spring, it’s important to remember that summer is just around the corner! Summer can mean drought for much of the country, so you should focus on getting your lawn ready for it. Some summer preparation tips for your lawn might include filling in any bare patches that may have arisen and giving the grass a bit of a mulch. You can also use this time to mulch the rest of your garden, including flowerbeds and the base of trees. Read our article on preparing your garden for summer for more tips and tricks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these gardening tips for September. Check back next month for our October gardening tips!

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