Save Your Overwatered Plants in 4 Easy Steps

4 Easy Steps To Rescue Your Overwatered Plants

We’ve all been there! In our attempts to keep our plants alive and well-hydrated, we overstep the line a little and sadly end up overwatering them! Overwatering plants is a mistake that many people have made at one point or another. Plants need a healthy balance to be at their best, and the amount of water needed will depend on the variety of plant you’re looking after. For example, a basil plant will likely require more frequent watering than a succulent.

Today, we take a look at how to identify an overwatered plant and some methods to try and save your green friend from perishing. 

Signs of overwatering

Firstly, what are the signs of overwatering plants? The signs of an overwatered plant can differ depending on the type of plant you have. Some plants may turn yellow or brown if they have been overwatered, while others may begin dropping their leaves. Another sign of overwatering can be a wilted plant. Learning how to identify the signs of an overwatered plant can help you in your mission to save it quickly before too much damage is done.

Tips for saving overwatered plants

When it comes to how to fix overwatered plants, there are a few steps you can take. Although they sadly cannot always be saved, acting quickly and with care can help give your plants a fighting chance for survival. Below are a few steps for saving your overwatered plants:

1. Ensure adequate drainage

Poor drainage can contribute to overwatered plants. Many decorative pots don’t have drainage holes, which can be difficult for plants as the water has no where to go and may just end up sitting at the bottom, amongst the roots. If you’ve noticed your plant seems overwatered and it’s planted in a pot without a drainage hole, it can be a good idea to repot it into one that does have drainage. Another element to consider is the soil used. Even well-draining soil can become more condensed if left in a pot for too long, and this can impact its ability to drain. 

2. Wrap your plant

If you’re noticing your potted plant is looking a little overwatered and is already placed in a pot with drainage holes, you might wish to wrap the pot in a dry towel. This can help draw the water out through the holes, and dry the plant faster. Leave it overnight, and then repot your plant into a dry container to start fresh.

3. Remove unhealthy roots

Plants that have been sitting in boggy soil for a while may have begun to develop rotten or otherwise unhealthy roots. You’ll be able to tell unhealthy roots by the way they look when you take your plant out of its pot. Unhealthy roots will generally have a brown or mushy look. These roots should be carefully clipped from the plant. This method can also be used for in-ground plants that have been overwatered. 

4. Repot your plant

A plant that’s struggling with being overwatered might need to be repotted. This can act as a bit of a reset for the pot plant, giving it fresh and dry soil to grow in. Gently remove as much of the damp soil as possible from the roots of the plant and then place it in a pot with drainage holes and well-drained soil for best results. After repotting, you may want to give your plant a small water to get it settled (however, this will depend on the type of plant you have).

Want to learn more information about looking after your plants? Check out our article on Tips for Caring for Potted Plants.

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