7 Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas

A backyard can be an exciting and magical space for children. There are many different ways that you can make a backyard fun for kids, and they don’t all have to be super expensive! Many kids love being outside in the fresh air, just make sure you have a fully fenced yard and supervise small children while playing in the garden. 

Below are 7 ideas to make a kids’ backyard more exciting!

Herb and veggie growing

Veggie gardens or potted herbs can be a great way to make a garden more fun for kids. You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own veggies, making this a great kids backyard idea for those that are working with a smaller amount of space. Getting kids involved in growing their own food can also help teach them about the process of how food ends up on their plate. 

Outdoor treasure hunt

An outdoor treasure hunt can be an exciting way to get kids out into the fresh air, exploring. You may like to purchase smaller items or yummy snacks and hide them around the yard or complete a more elaborate treasure hunt with clues that lead from one spot to the next before revealing the final prize. For extra excitement, put the final prize in a treasure chest!

Ring toss

A ring toss is one of the classic backyard ideas for kids. You can either purchase one or (if you’re a little handy) create your own. All you need is a base, some upright pieces of wood, and some rope to create the rings. If you’re looking to be extra thrifty, you could even use old bottles to catch the rings. Let the kids paint or put stickers on the game to customise it.

Mud kitchen

Playing with mud can be a lot of messy fun! If you have a space in your garden that has a bit of dirt (that you don’t mind becoming a bit of a muddy pile), let the kids use it for making their own mud pies. Alternatively, if you would like to keep the mud more contained, you can place a small portion of mud on a sensory table bin. Have some old kitchen equipment such as plastic measuring cups and wooden spoons? Add them to the mud kitchen!


A trampoline can be a very fun backyard addition for kids. Make sure you buy one with a safety net and always supervise children who are jumping. Trampolining can also be a great form of fitness and can let kids get a lot of energy out. You also don’t need too much space for a trampoline set up, making this option great for those with smaller gardens.

Blackboard and pavement chalk drawing

After kid-friendly backyard ideas on a budget? Chalk is fun, affordable, and allows kids to express themselves creatively. All you need is some bare concrete or pavers and some jumbo chalk which can be picked up for a few dollars. Kids may choose to draw games on the ground such as hopscotch, or simply sketch whatever comes to their minds. 

Sensory bins

If you’re looking for creative backyard playground ideas, sensory bins could be a versatile option. You can choose to rotate what is in these bins, and they can be as simple or complex as you wish. Some ideas for sensory bins could include water and plastic cups or toys, sand and smooth rocks, corn husks, craft pom poms, or cotton balls (just to name a few). Remember to choose age-appropriate items, and supervise small children around water and any objects they may want to put in their mouth.

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