5 Edible Australian Native Plants to Grow

Australia has many edible native plants that can be incorporated into gardens. Native plants are great as they can provide food and shelter for a variety of different native animals and insects. It’s important that you acquire edible Australian plants from a reputable source, and confirm they are safe and edible before consuming them. 

Today, we take a look at five great edible Australian plants that you may like to grow in your garden. 

Round-Leaf Mint Bush

This plant is an edible Australian native mint that can be incorporated into cooking as a substitute for oregano. Sometimes called Native Oregano, this herb was traditionally used for treating headaches and colds. During the spring months, this edible shrub erupts with stunning light purple flowers. The Round-Leaf Mint Bush can grow up to about 2 metres tall when given the space. This edible plant can also be grown in pots.

Midyim Berries

Midyim Berries. Photo credit: Anna Gregory

Midyim Berries are known as a tasty Australian native plant, producing white fruits with small purple flecks and spots. These fruits look and taste a bit like blueberries, and can either be eaten fresh from the tree or used in pies and other baked goods. These plants can grow to 2 metres tall and have pretty white flowers that bloom in the warmer months. Midyim Berries like positions of part shade or full sun, and are hardy plants great for beginner gardeners.

Australian Finger Lime

The Australian Finger Lime plant produces intriguing fruits that can be added to a range of dishes including biscuits, salads, marmalades, and drinks. Sometimes also called a Caviar Lime (the pulp of the fruit resembles that of caviar), this plant can grow up to 6 metres tall, meaning it can also be used for shade in a garden. The Australian Finger Lime can also be grown in pots, so you don’t need a lot of space to grow these edible plants.

Tucker Bush Cherry

A variant of the popular Lilly Pilly, the Tucker Bush Cherry is an Australian native that produces red berries. These edible berries can be added to jams, cakes, wines, or eaten fresh. The Tucker Bush Cherry can grow up to 4 metres high and has delicate white flowers that appear during the warmer months of the year. This plant is drought-tolerant and likes a full sun or partial shade position. The Tucker Bush Cherry is also great for attracting native birds and insects to a garden.

Native Ginger

Need a plant for a shaded position? The edible Native Ginger can grow in a range of different positions, including full shade, part shade, and in more temperate regions of the country, full sun. Native Ginger is hardy and perfect for new gardeners or those who are looking for an easy to manage plant. Many parts of this herb are edible, including the beautiful blueberries, shoots, leaves, and seeds. The Native Ginger plant can grow up to 2.5 metres tall and has white flowers that can appear all throughout the year.

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