5 Perfumed Plants for a Fragrant Garden

Perfumed plants can help you create a beautifully fragrant garden. There are many strong, fragrant perfumed plants in Australia to choose from. Today, we take a look at five highly perfumed plants that you may like to bring into your garden. We hope you enjoy this list of some of the strongest smelling plants for your garden. 

Star Jasmine

This stunning, white-flowered plant has a sweet fragrance that seems to carry far through the air. The star jasmine blooms during the spring months, and its flowers resemble little five-pronged stars. If not pruned, the star jasmine can grow into a large, dense bush. This plant can either be grown in a pot or directly in the ground and is a hardy plant that can be grown all across Australia. The Star Jasmine likes well-draining soil and can be grown in either full sun or partial shade.


Lavender is a well-known, common fragrant flower that can often be seen in Australian gardens. With lovely purple flowers that attract bees and butterflies, lavender plants are wonderful for planting in areas that receive a lot of full sun. These plants can make a wonderfully fragrant hedge, and the flowers can be harvested and turned into homemade potpourri or bundled together and hung in the kitchen for a great countryside vibe. Lavender can also be grown in pots to bring a pretty scent to different areas of your garden or home. 

Lemon Myrtle

After a fragrant Australian native for your garden? The lemon myrtle has both fragrant leaves and scented cream-coloured flowers (that bloom in the autumn). The perfumed leaves have a citrus-like scent and can even be added to meals for an extra flavour. Lemon myrtle tends to grow best in rainforests and coastal regions and is native to southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. These plants tend to grow to between 2 and 4 metres tall. In hot climates, these fragrant native shrubs should be planted in partial shade, while in milder climates, they can be planted in full sun.


Roses are some of the most well-known fragrant plants that grow in gardens. While not every rose is fragrant, some rose varieties are heavily-scented plants that can add a beautiful aroma to your yard. Varieties of fragrant roses include Perfume Passion, Heritage, and Madame Plantier. Roses tend to like a full-sun position with well-drained soil. They should be pruned at the start of spring to encourage more blooms. When flowering, you may either choose to leave the flowers on the rose bush or cut a few off to place in a vase inside for a beautiful, fragrant decoration.


The frangipani tree has a delightful, sweet scent, with flowers that can help bring a touch of tropical paradise to your garden. From December through April, the scented flowers of the frangipani can be found in the tree or littering the ground below. Frangipani trees like sunny spots with well-drained soil and can be grown either directly in the ground or in pots. These trees grow tall, offering great shading for your garden. Want to learn more about growing frangipanis? Check out our article on How to Take a Frangipani Cutting

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