Herbs You Can Grow Throughout Winter

Are you wondering what herbs grow in winter? The cold season can be a tough time for some plants, but there are plenty that can survive the weather change! Herbs can make a great, fragrant addition to meals, and many can be grown during the cold times too!

This gorgeous, wide-spanning range of greenery can make a brilliant addition to a vegetable garden plot or a windowsill. You can choose to focus on just the one plant (your favourite) or grow a variety to add to dishes. With so many cute arrangement ideas and pots available, you can find an option that fits with your home or garden aesthetic. One good thing about growing herbs in a pot is that you can move them around if the spot they are in gets too hot or too cold.  Growing plants in pots is also convenient for those who like to rearrange their indoor areas regularly! 

Herbs can add a great splash of colour and taste to a dish, and the good news for beginner gardeners is that many are relatively easy to grow! These types of plants can also be super rewarding to grow, as you get to harvest and eat the fruits (or herbs!) of your labour, and share your creations with family and friends. 

Thinking about what winter herbs to grow for this time of year? Read on to find out more about some of these herbs, plus some tips about growing herbs in winter!


Which herbs to grow in winter


When it comes to deciding what herbs to grow in winter, it’s hard to ignore the humble mint. Great for adding to desserts and smoothies, mint is a hardy herb that can be planted during any season. This herb is ideal for beginner gardeners, and can even be grown in water – place your clipping in a pretty glass bottle for a boho-chic vibe! When planted in the ground, mint has a bit of a habit of spreading, so keep tabs on how it’s growing to ensure it’s not getting into spots you don’t want it to go. 


Rosemary can really help make a roast dinner pop! It grows throughout winter in most Australian climates, which means you can easily add it to the comforting, home-cooked dishes you make when it’s cold out! Rosemary is easiest to grow from a cutting, so either find a small plant at a nursery to take home, or sweet talk a friend who has a plant in their garden into giving you a clipping! Also, if you live in a cooler area in Aus, it’s a good idea to bring your rosemary plant in during the winter, to keep it growing strong. 


Not everyone is a fan of coriander (in fact, many people really dislike it!). If you’re one of the people who enjoy this herb and want to have it in meals all year round, then you’re in luck, as coriander can grow during all seasons of the year! It’s generally good to plant these herbs in the Autumn or Spring, but the best time for planting can change depending on the climate you live in and the type of plant you’re after (seeds or leaves). Keep in mind that these herbs have a bit of a habit of bolting when not in the ideal conditions, so treat them well for the best results!


Fresh-picked thyme leaves can be wonderful to add to soups and roasted vegetables. If you’re planning to keep it indoors, you can plant your thyme at pretty much any time of the year in Australia. Thyme can be grown from seeds or from divisions of plants. This plant is great for beginners, as it generally does not need a lot of attention in order to grow well. It can also be dried in bunches or ground for those who like to store their herbs in cute jars. Are you a beginner gardener? Why not give growing thyme a go?! 


Enjoy pizza and pasta dishes? Then oregano might just get a lot of use in your kitchen! Depending on the variety, oregano can grow from seeds or cuttings, for other types it might be best to purchase a small plant that has already begun its growing journey. Larger plants that are already well-established tend to cope pretty well with the cold, as long as they are treated right (including being given a little extra TLC and preparation attention in particularly cold climates). Smaller pot plants of oregano shouldn’t have much trouble with the cold if they can be kept inside during the winter.

Herbs can make a wonderful addition to your plant collection, and to your meals! Many varieties can survive Australian winters, meaning you can enjoy adding them to dishes even during the colder months. Many herbs are relatively simple to grow, making them a great, rewarding choice for beginner gardeners or those who don’t have a lot of time for plant maintenance. Bring a potted herb plant into your kitchen for movable, convenient access, or plant a hardy herb in the garden and watch it take off!

When it comes to all-year-round herbs, there are lots of plants you can choose from. From thyme to rosemary, to mint, there are many winter herbs that you can enjoy! With a bit of preparedness, you can ensure you have fresh herbs to bring to your kitchen no matter the season!

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