Top 10 Basic Gardening Tools for Beginners

Top 10 Basic Gardening Tools for Beginners

If you’re interested in getting started with gardening, you might also be wondering what type of tools you should purchase to help you with the process. While you can technically start your gardening journey with just some soil and a plant, gardening tools can help make the process simpler and quicker. 

There are lots of basic gardening tools out there. Today, we take a look at 10 tools for gardening that we think are great for beginners.  

Gardening gloves

Gloves can help protect your hands against dirt and sharp branches while you garden. Depending on the task, gardening without good-quality gloves can sometimes lead to hard-to-remove dirt under the fingernails, or scratches from branches. A good pair of gloves make a great addition to a beginner’s gardening equipment. 


Pots are a great gardening tool as they allow for plants to be transportable. They are ideal for those living in apartments who don’t have access to a garden, or people who move around more and wish to take their plants with them on each move. Pots come in many sizes, from tiny varieties for desktop succulents through to large kinds for trees or transportable veggie patches. There are plastic pots, terracotta pots, ceramic pots, and they are made in a variety of colours to match the aesthetic you are after (or you can paint your own). 

Pruning shears 

Also known as secateurs, these gardening tools are used for pruning branches. They can be very sharp, so be sure to mind your fingers are out of the way when sculpting your plants. This tool is designed for cutting smaller branches, and when you purchase a pair, the maximum cutting thickness it can handle should be listed, so you can know if it’s suitable for your jobs or not. 


Ideal for those with large, leave-dropping trees in their yards, the rake helps you to gather leaves together in the one spot. It can also be used to remove the cut grass from the top of your lawn, and metal rakes can be used to loosen soil for planting. Rakes can be a made in a variety of different materials, however the head is often either plastic, steel, or bamboo. 

Garden trowel 

The garden trowel is a great tool for those looking to start a balcony flower box or a herb garden. These tools are great for digging holes for small plants to be placed in, due to their tapered head. Simply use the trowel to remove the dirt, place the plant or seed in the hole and cover it back up with the dirt that was removed.


If you’re building a larger garden or needing to move mulch about, the wheelbarrow can help make tasks a lot easier. Wheelbarrows come in a variety of different sizes, with varying load capabilities, so you can choose one that suits your needs. 

Plant ties/gardening rope and gardening stakes 

If you’re growing long, thin plants (such as tomatoes), then plant ties and gardening stakes can help assist the plants to grow tall and straight. Pop the support in the ground next to the plant you wish to assist, and then attach the plant to it using plant ties or gardening rope. Be sure to be gentle and not to tie it too tight, so as not to damage the plant. 


This probably isn’t something you’ll have use for if you’re starting a balcony on your garden, but if you’re looking to plant trees or build a veggie patch, a shovel can be a highly useful gardening tool. Shoves can be used to dig up plants, or to remove and move large scoops of dirt. 


For those with large gardens, a hose can help ensure plants are watered easily. There are many attachments that can be placed on the end of a hose to make the task of watering even simpler, still. Just be sure you’re aware of any water restrictions currently in place in your area, and follow them accordingly. 

Watering can  

A watering can is well-suited for those with smaller gardens. When filled, it allows a gardener to transport water to their plants and water several at a time before refilling (and it sure saves running back and forth with a small cup, trying to do the same!). Watering cans come in a variety of different sizes and are generally made from either metal or plastic.

So, there you have it, ten basic gardening tools that we think are great for beginners! There are many additional tools out there that can also help the process, but you don’t need a lot to get started. If you’d like to begin the fulfilling hobby of gardening, start small and build your plant and tool collection as you go along! 

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