Plants Toxic to Dogs

Plants Toxic to Dogs

Dogs are lovely companions. They can offer us a friendly face when we return home, and taking them on walks can help keep both us and them healthy. While they are funny and cute, they can also get up to mischief at times, including chewing on different things. If you have a dog (particularly one that likes to bite!), it’s important to ensure the plants on your property that your dog can access are non-toxic to your pooch. There are many plants poisonous to dogs in Australia, and if you’re a pet owner, it’s important to ensure you don’t keep any around your pooch.

Dog near flowers

Below, we outline a few examples of common plants that are toxic to dogs. Keep in mind that this is just a small selection. It is important to check whether a plant is safe for your pet before introducing it into your home (and in doing so, your dog’s world). Read on to learn more about irritating, poisonous and toxic plants for dogs in Australia.


Azaleas are very toxic to dogs. These bushes contain cardiovascular toxins, which can mean very bad news for the family pooch. Cardiovascular toxins can weaken the heartbeat of your dog, leading to coma or even death. There are around 250 different species of azalea, and even a tiny amount (0.2% of a pet’s body weight), can cause poisoning. If you have a dog, keep them away from azalea bushes, and definitely don’t plant them in your garden! Azaleas are also toxic to humans and cats.


Daffodils are beautiful plants, but they can be pretty awful for dogs if ingested. All parts of the plant are poisonous to dogs, however, the bulbs contain the highest amount of both toxins found in daffodils. Not only is ingestion of the plant bad, but inhalation and topical exposure can also cause issues. If you have pets, keep the daffodils out of your yard, and if you see them while out on a walk, make sure to keep pup safely away. Daffodils are also poisonous to humans and cats, so keep them away from kids and feline friends.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a plant found in houses all across Australia, but it can mean bad news for dogs. While this plant isn’t technically poisonous, it can still cause irritation to pets. Don’t purchase a peace lily if you have a dog or cat in the home, to avoid any discomfort that may occur should they get curious and ingest it. The peace lily can also be irritating to humans, so if you have babies or toddlers about, it might be best to give the plant away (at least, until they are old enough to know not to eat it!).

There are many more irritating, toxic, and poisonous plants for dogs in Australia, out there, and as such, it is important to do research before bringing a new plant into your pooch’s world. Be cautious, and only planting greenery that is safe for your pup!

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