Sports Grass: The Best Types of Grass for Sports Fields

Sports Grass

A lot of us probably have some pretty fond memories of playing on sporting fields in our youth. Whether it be soccer, hockey, or cricket, there are many different grass sports that are popular with people of all walks of life.

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what type of grass is used for grass sports? Maybe you’re interested in creating your own field, have a new property and are looking to lay down the right type of grass for your outdoor sporting activities, or maybe you’re just curious about the grasses used on famous sporting fields across Australia.

Today, we take a look at the different types of sports grass used on playing fields across the country.

Sports Grass Fields

Eclipse Stabilised Turf

This turf is a combination of natural and artificial grass and can be found on sporting fields all across the country (and the globe). Some examples of Eclipse at work include Eden Park in New Zealand, National Stadium of Singapore, Stadium Australia in Sydney Olympic Park, and of course, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). This type of turf has natural grass that grows above the synthetic fibre. The MCG was the first club to install this type of grass, doing so in 1999, with a subsequent re-surfacing program occurring in 2014. The final product is carpet-like and can either be laid and allowed to grow in or grown at a turf farm and delivered as a ready-to-play option.

Couch Grass

Couch grass is a variety of grass that is great at handling high amounts of wear. It can also handle drought and high levels of salt, making it a versatile lawn for those looking for a low-maintenance yard. This type of grass is also popular for sporting fields, due to its ability to tolerate a lot of hard play. There are many different varieties of couch grass, including Oz Tuff, Conquest Couch, Grand Prix Couch, and Stadium Sport Couch, just to name a few! Stadium Sport Couch is used at golf courses, sporting facilities, and on council grounds within the country.

Zoysia Grass

This variety of grass is slow-growing and low-maintenance, two qualities that make it popular with those looking for a lawn that doesn’t require a lot of work. It is drought-tolerant and can handle wear, making it well suited for sporting fields. Zoysia is best suited for temperate climates in Australia. This type of grass has a natural resistance to many common weeds and diseases and requires very little water to survive and thrive. There are many types of zoysia grass out there, including Empire Zoysia, Zoysia Macrantha, Zoysia Matrella, and Zoysia Japonica.

There are many different types of lawns (both real and artificial) used on sporting fields within Australia, and globally. If you are looking for sports grass for outdoor activities, it is best to consider your needs and requirements when researching different types of lawn for consideration.

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