Different Types of Golf Course Grass

Golf Course Grass

Golf courses have a reputation for being notoriously green. I’m sure we’ve all caught ourselves driving past a golf green, wondering “ How do they keep it so green?” and “What type of grass are they using there?!”. If this is you, then keep reading, as we explore some of the golf course grass types used in Australia.

In this article, we have a look at a few different types of golf course grass that are used on greens across the country, and the qualities and attributes of each type.

Luscious green golf course grass.

Sir Grange Grass

This variety of Zoysia is a fine-leaf turf that can be found on golf courses, as well as in residential yards. Sir Grange is shade-tolerant and able to handle drought and wear. These attributes make it well-designed for golf courses, as they likely wish to keep the green colour in their lawn year-round, and can experience a lot of wear from patrons. Sir Grange grass can be found at the Killara Golf Club in Sydney, and the Indooroopilly Golf Club in Brisbane.


Bentgrass is a cool-season grass that can look gorgeous on a golf course. There are many different varieties of bentgrass, such as Declaration Bentgrass and MacKenzie Bentgrass. This type of grass has a rich green hue, and a tendency to creep, meaning it’s good at spreading across a wide space. It has a dense coverage, making it ideal for golf course greens. While this grass can be gorgeous, it can require a bit of maintenance and isn’t particularly suitable to warmer climates within Australia.

TifTuf Grass

TifTuf is a variety of Bermuda grass. It is drought and wear tolerant, and has a fine leaf. This grass was developed by the University of Georgia in the US and has a good tolerance for drought and wear (two qualities that make it well-suited to golf courses). TifTuf is a low maintenance lawn with a fine leaf, and its durability and fast-establishing root systems mean it can be a low-effort lawn for homeowners.

Couch Grass

A common grass type for residential properties and golf courses alike, Couch grass is a warm-season grass that has a rich green colour to its leaves. It has good tolerance to wear and drought, as well as a high tolerance to salt (making it well-suited for those who live near the ocean). It grows densely and is pretty low maintenance. There are many different varieties of Couch grasses out there, such as Wintergreen Couch Grass, OZ Tuff Couch, and Nullarbor Couch Grass, just to name a few!

There are many different types of lawns on golf courses across Australia, and we didn’t even get started on the artificial ones! Hopefully, this article was able to answer some of your questions regarding the different types of golf course grass (and give you a bit of a head start on what to look for when you build your own personal course).

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