Best Botanical Gardens in Australia

Australia is home to some absolutely stunning botanical gardens. These gardens offer the general public an opportunity to view a variety of plants on display, while also providing a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Botanical gardens often have various sections, showing plants from different regions of the globe, as well as those plants native to our country.

In this article, we take a look at four gorgeous free-to-enter public gardens that Australia has to offer. 

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha

Opened in 1976, the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens offer 56-hectares of greenery for visitors to explore. Some of the attractions at these gardens include the Bonsai House (which features around 100 plants, including azaleas, maples and figs), the Fragrant Garden (which – as the name implies – contains plants that have a fragrance), and the Tropical Display Dome (a large geodesic structure that exhibits plants from tropical regions). These gardens also have a Hide ‘n’ Seek Children’s Trail where families can grab a map at the trail’s start and follow along to discover surprises and plant facts and the National Freedom Wall which was built in celebration of 50 years of freedom in the Pacific. 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

The Melbourne Gardens span across 38-hectares, with more than 50,000 individual plants on display. These gardens feature attractions such as The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden, (which offers kids an opportunity to dig, build, imagine, and create), Guilfoyle’s Volcano (built in 1876 as a water reservoir for the park), and the Melbourne Observatory (which has sliding domes, and is open for guided tours which let patrons observe the skies). This location is home to many plant collections, including the Australian Forest Walk, the Arid Garden, and the Oak Collection.

Queens Park and Botanic Gardens, Toowoomba

Queens Park and Botanic Gardens is a State Heritage-listed site that was first opened to the public in the late-1800s. This facility spans across more than 25-hectares and features a range of different attractions. These attractions include the Carnival of Flowers (which blooms in the springtime), the vintage Naval cannon (which was donated in early 1911), and the Stone Entrance Arch (built in 1987 as part of the Council’s upgrade of the gardens). Some of the horticultural hubs found in the gardens include the Rose Walk, the Camellia Garden, and the Palm Garden. 

The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is Australia’s oldest botanic garden. These gardens feature a range of talks, events and activities throughout the year. These include Free Guided Walks, Aboriginal Heritage Tours, Tai Chi, Christmas Wreath Making, and Astronomy at The Calyx. Spaces within the garden such as The Domain Running Trail offer visitors the opportunity to exercise away from the concrete jungle of the city, and The Calyx provides a hub for food, shopping, events, and workshops to take place.

There are many botanical gardens across Australia that offer beautiful spaces for visitors to connect with nature and learn more about the world around them. Next time you’re in a new city, or looking for a cute spot to have lunch, why not check out a botanical garden nearby and see what they have to offer?!

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