Plants Inspired by the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers

This year, the 20th-29th September saw Toowoomba host their 70th Carnival of Flowers festival. The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers included 70 different events spread across ten days, including scenic train rides, The Chronicle Garden Competition, and performances from many musical artists. The event also included the Heritage Bank Festival of Food & Wine, held in Queens Park, Toowoomba. Queens Park is the setting of the renowned Botanical Gardens in Toowoomba, which spans across 25 hectares. 

In this article, we take a look at some plants inspired by the events that took place at this year’s  Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

Marble Queen Pothos

The 2019 festival included a Hanging Basket Display at Cobb+Co Museum, which was part of a design competition and featured 60 hanging baskets created by members of the Toowoomba area. If you’re into the elegant style of hanging plants, one to check out is the Marble Queen Pothos. 

These aesthetic plants have heart-shaped leaves and are pretty easy-going when it comes to caring. They prefer bright, indirect light, but can grow in a variety of different light amounts. Just make sure they’re not placed in a position with direct sunlight as this can hurt the pothos. They’re okay at handling dry conditions, which makes them a good choice for those of us who can forget watering schedules from time to time! These plants are toxic to humans and pets if ingested, so keep them out of the way if you have kids or pets around. 


The Toowoomba Orchid Society Spring Show also took place during the Carnival of Flowers. Held at St Paul’s Church Hall, the event included potting demonstrations and culture talks, while also allowing attendees to walk amongst the orchids on display. 

Orchids are a gorgeous flower that can be a little tricky for beginners but can reward gardeners who put in the time and effort to learn how to care for them. These flowers come in a variety of tones, included white, pink and purple, and can be grown in hanging as well as regular pots. These flowers love to be in well-drained soil and are best-suited to areas of high humidity. There are many different varieties out there, from Phalaenopsis to Thai to Cymbidiums. Orchids are generally non-toxic to pets and humans, although it can be good to double-check with the specific variety to make sure, before introducing them to a home with pets or young children. 


The carnival also played host to the Toowoomba and Districts Bromeliad Society Show. This event featured advice on how to grow these gorgeous plants, as well as a range of bromeliads, succulents, cacti and various other foliage to view. 

Bromeliads are unique-looking plants with blooms that are long-lasting. Their flowers come in a variety of colours, from bright reds and yellows to pink-toned varieties. They’re also pretty hardy plants that can be left to their own devices for a lot of the time. These exotic plants have a small “cup” at the centre of the foliage, which can be filled with water to hydrate them – but it’s important to ensure this is emptied regularly to avoid issues that may arise from stagnation. 

The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers is an opportunity for plant and flower lovers to immerse themselves amongst the beauty on display within the Queensland town. If you missed out on visiting the event this year, why not set a reminder to check it out in 2020, and see what all the hype is about!

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