3 Types of Grass That are Great for Entertainers

Sunny summer days are on the horizon, and for many people that can mean more hours spent outside, entertaining guests, or kicking back with the family. When you’re in the market for a new lawn, it’s important to consider how much time you are planning to spend outside on it. Not all lawns are created equal when it comes to their ability to handle wear and tread, and if you’re somebody who tends to spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s best to install grass that can cope with a good amount of usage. 

Lawns that can handle traffic are not only good for those of us who tend to have people over often but can also be helpful for people with energetic dogs or kids! If your yard is often the centre of activity, then ensuring you have a lawn that can handle the wear that comes from it can help ensure your lawn looks its best, year-round. 

In this article, we take a look at three different lawns that are great for areas that experience a high amount of wear. 


The name should be a dead giveaway; this variety of Bermuda grass is super tough and hard-wearing. TifTuf is a fine leaf grass that also has good tolerance against drought, making it ideal for areas of Australia that experience a lack of rain, and water restrictions. This grass also doesn’t require as much maintenance as many other varieties and is capable of handling areas that have a bit of shade to them.

Sir Grange

Also known as Zeon Zoysia, this fine leaf grass is capable of surviving on 2-3 hours of sunlight each day, which makes it a choice worth considering for those who have yards that experience shade for large periods during the day. It has a good tolerance for wear, and that combined with its soft leaf makes it ideal for people looking to spend a lot of time on their lawn with friends and family. Sir Grange is also pretty low maintenance, as it has a good resistance against weeds and doesn’t require a lot of mowing when compared against many other lawn varieties. 


Couch is a type of grass that has good tolerance against both drought conditions and wear. This lawn type can be grown from seed, and there are a variety of different blends available. Due to its ability to be grown from seed, it can be an option worth exploring for those looking to plant their own lawn, but who don’t want to lift and lay rolls of turf. Couch is a fast-growing lawn that loves sunny areas, but keep in mind that it’s not great at handling shade, and can invade garden beds and other spots where it’s not desired.

There are many types of lawns that have a good tolerance for wear. If you find you’re the kind of person who likes spending time in the yard, whether with the kids, pets, friends, or family, then ensuring you install a lawn that can handle lots of feet (and paws) can be important. With such a wide range of wear-tolerant lawns now on the market, there is plenty of choice, and you should be able to find the variety that best suits your needs!

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