Planting Lawn from Seed vs.Turf


If you’re looking to grow a lawn from scratch, there are two common ways you can do so – from seed or from turf. Each have both positive and negative aspects, so it can be helpful to consider these tips before making your decision. Below we have outlined some of the pros and cons to the different methods of lawn planting.


👍The positives of planting lawn from seed


Starting a lawn from seed can be a more affordable option than from turf. The process of sowing seeds is also generally less straining and requires less strength than laying turf. Seed grasses also often incorporate a variety of different types of grass, which can lead to a hardier lawn that is more resilient to pests and diseases.

👎The negatives of planting lawn from seed


Not all types of lawns can be grown from seed, so it’s important to make sure your desired grass can be before proceeding down the seed sowing route. Sowing lawn from seeds also means the grass takes longer to become established and functional. Due to this it can be a few months before you can reap the results of your hard work, so it’s not for those with little patience. This method can also attract weeds to grow (due to the exposed soil), and opportunistic birds to feed on the seed, so it’s important to take steps to counter these issues if this is the method you choose.

👍The positives of planting lawn from turf


One major positive of planting lawn from turf is that you can see and experience the reward of your work almost instantly. It will generally only take a few days for the turf joints to knit together, and the lawn itself should be able to be used within a few weeks. A recent study from Jim’s found that 49% of people said that the “time and effort” prevented them from having their desired lawn. So this near-instant result is great for those who don’t want to wait around for a lawn to grow from scratch, or those who are under time constraints to have a functional lawn up and running.

👎The negatives of planting lawn from turf


Turf can be expensive to buy, as you’re purchasing an already-established plant. This high price point can be daunting to those with a large amount of ground to cover. It’s also important to ensure turf is laid correctly if you wish to have an aesthetically pleasing lawn, which means that you may need to bring in professionals for the task. If you choose to lay the turf yourself, keep in mind that it can take a lot of manpower. Similar to seed, not all types of grass are available in turf-form, and you may be restricted in what you can plant.


Choosing which way to grow your lawn can depend on a lot of factors, from the variety of grass you wish to plant and its availability in different forms, to the amount of time you’re willing to wait for it to become established. Regardless of which method you choose, don’t forget to properly prepare your soil to ensure your lawn has the best shot of being healthy and happy.

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