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We asked Australians what it is that’s keeping them from having the lawn they want. Not so surprisingly, nearly half of us (48.8%)  just don’t have the time to maintain that lush grass or we just can’t be bothered. The next biggest issue was shady backyards — how can your grass grow if there’s no sun? Pets and pests were a worry too at 6.4 per cent and our fickle Australian weather bothered more than one in four gardeners.


Shady yard

An eighth (12.5%) of Aussies blame their shady backyards for them not achieving their lawn goals. It can be a rough time lusting over a lush, green lawn when the sun just won’t bless your yard with its presence. Give a turf like Sir Walter Buffalo a go, it doesn’t need much sun at all to thrive and it’s perfect for yards that see more than 40 per cent shade. Buffalo turfs are quite common in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. So your shady yard can finally look how you’ve always wanted, beautiful green grass and all.

Animals or pests

Victoria seem to struggle the most with pesky pests ruining their grass, whether it’s insects or stray cats, 9% of Victorians reckon they’re the culprit. Whether it’s regular pests, your neighbour’s cat or your own fur baby ruining your lawn’s chances, you need a tough and withstanding lawn —  we’d give Kikuyu a shot. Kikuyu is a hugely popular choice in Melbourne and Adelaide, and is gaining a bit of momentum in Queensland as it’s drought tolerant.



Not enough time

We compared men and women by their age groups (from 18-44) and found that men seem to start out keener to mow the lawn and get lazier or busier with age. Women had the opposite result, finding more time or effort for the lawn mower as they got older. No matter your age or gender, the dream of a perfect lawn is so often outweighed by wanting to do literally anything other than lawn mowing. Our advice? First up, get a low maintenance and low mow turf (they exist!) like Zoysia Matrella.




A bit of everything

Maybe you’re an unlucky soul who experiences a combination of these problems. The two kinds of turf most commonly used for sports are Couch and Kikuyu. So they’re fantastic turfs for homes with a lot of ‘lawn-traffic’ whether it’s fierce backyard sports or your pupper treading over it. Although, f you experience high humidity as well, Kikuyu isn’t the best as it becomes damaged in the muggy weather. Couch blends don’t need much water so they’re a better option for our dryer regions.

If your lawn struggles with the heat and your contempt for mowing the lawn, a Zoysia blend may be the right one for you. This turf is used on road sides and is mowed only twice a year typically. It drains well, so it’s great for wet little feet. Zoysia is a common choice in inland Queensland and New South Wales.

For the lazy gardener residing close to the coast, a Nara Native Blend may be for you. This one is four to five times more salt tolerant than other turfs (for that regular sea spray over your lawn). Plus once it’s established it can out-compete weed growth… so all you should have to do is mow.

Or, for an even easier solution… let us do for you. Get in touch today!

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