Planting a Garden Bed for a Spring Display

Planting a garden bed for a spring display will make a great feature to any garden. Autumn is a great time to get back outside as the hot dry days are ending. Planting bulbs at this time will give them the time to flourish for Spring. Planting other plants like  forget-me-knots will give your garden bed colour and life until bulbs bloom.

Spring garden in bloom with cottage flower selection


How to prepare your garden bed

You might like to use a raised garden bed with many option from timber to metal frames or to build up an area in your garden. Preparing your garden bed use a good quality top soil with blood and bone fertiliser mixed through, which will supply your garden bed with a slow release of nutrients and increased water retention. This will give your plants the best start.

Picking the right plants

Pick bulbs and plants that will suit the position of your garden bed, if it gets full sun, shade and whether it may be affected by frosts will Planting flowering garden bed in time for spring bloomsdetermine which plants you should choose. Most plants when buying them will come with information about the height, description of what it will look like and what climate it is suited to.


Setting out your garden bed

Arrange the plants in the garden bed to get the look you desire. Plants are going to grow to different  heights and widths so make sure bigger plants are not going to take over or hide your smaller plants. Larger bulbs such as tulips and daffodils will need to be planted at a depth of 15cm and smaller bulbs to be planted at a depth of 10cm. If plants have been in a tub you may need to loosen the soil around the roots but be careful not to damage them.

Watering your gardenColourful, blooming flowers in spring

Once all the bulbs and plants have been planted water them in. You will need to water the garden bed on a regular basis. If weather is warmer you may need to water more frequently.

Why mulching your garden bed is important

You may consider covering the soil with mulch which will not only improve the appearance of the garden bed but will help retain moisture, inhibits the growth of weeds, regulate the soil temperature and once it starts to break down will help fertilise the plants.

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