Which Gardening Theme Suits You Best?

Jim's MowingBrowsing through gardening magazines, websites or seeing the homes of the rich and famous may have inspired you to build your own garden. But before you start putting your design ideas to paper or buying your first seeds, it is important to consider what the theme is for your garden.

Your chosen theme will serve as your guide on what your dream garden will look like, what plants to use, what elements to add, and other decisions on aesthetics and function. With so many styles available, you may wonder which gardening theme suits you best. Let us help you out with a list of the most common themes. Choose one that suits the style of your home or your personal preferences.

Mediterranean garden

This popular theme is influenced by gardens found in countries such as Spain, France and Italy. Plants under this theme are olive trees, lavender, rosemary and some varieties of shrubs and vines. You may plant them around pathways and flower beds filled with a layer of gravel. If you live in an area where the climate is cold, you will need to provide some protection for these plants, especially during the cooler months.

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Japanese style

When it comes to the Zen or Japanese-style garden, the aim is to use plants, rocks, gravel and water to create miniature versions of nature-inspired vignettes. The ideal Japanese garden utilises simple and clean lines to build tranquil areas for meditation. Although the popularity of this style is growing in many parts of the globe, it is important to note that the Zen garden may not be suitable for most modern homes.

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Tropical landscape

Tropical gardens are distinguished by the use of plants with large leaves, flowers and in bright colours. Use of thick foliage is recommended and often used in planting beds to recreate a dense tropical atmosphere.

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Factors to consider

Keep these aspects in mind before you choose a style for your garden:

  1. Consider the design and style of your home. Some styles, themes and designs of gardens may not be suitable for the type of home that you have.
  2. Think about your environment. Some plants may only grow and thrive in certain conditions. You need to devote more resources to keep non-native plants alive in your garden.
  3. How much effort can you put into gardening? Are you the type who can spend hours tending to your garden’s needs or do you only have a few minutes to spare a week? Your skill level and amount of free time available is an important consideration when choosing a garden theme. Consider getting the services of professional landscapers for long-term results.

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