5 Secrets To Creating Spectacular Tropical Gardening Designs

Jim's MowingWhy spend thousands of dollars for just a few days in a tropical resort when you can bring the same ambience right in your own backyard? Recreate that island feel with these stunning but simple to execute tropical gardening designs.

  1. Choose the right plants.

The right plants can transform the way your garden looks. When it comes to tropical gardens, the foliage is more important than the flowers. Aim for big and colourful greens with interesting shapes and lots of texture. Group contrasting foliage in odd numbers to generate more interest and drama in your garden.

When it comes to trees, some of the more common types you can add to your budding garden includes bamboo and palms. Because of the sheer variety of palms and bamboo available, it is recommended that you visit a nearby nursery to get some advice. Some varieties are hardy while some may require additional care and maintenance to thrive in the local environment. Thus, it’s best to seek advice from your local gardening experts before you start buying one for your garden.

Jim's MowingHerbs and spices can also work wonders for your tropical garden. Not only are they easy to plant, they can also give your garden a fragrant smell. Plus, you can harvest the leaves to use as garnish or ingredient for various recipes.

  1. Add colours.

Bright colours bring a tropical feel to a garden. In tropical gardens, it is not uncommon to find plants with leaves in lime green, red, yellow, pink or even purple leaves right next to each other. Some of the more popular flowers for a tropical look include the frangipani, hibiscus, crab’s claw, canna lilies and elephant’s ears.

  1. Get your hands dirty.

Caring for tropical plants requires a different strategy from that of plants that thrive in temperate climates. When it comes to tropical plants, you need to provide a layer consisting of mulch, compost and garden clippings. These plants thrive in warm environments with lots of rainfall. During the wet season, you will need to prune regularly to keep their growth in check.

Ornamental gingers and similar tropical plants don’t do well during the cold winter months. You will need to remove any dying foliage during this season and add manure when the warm spring season starts.

For best results, hire a professional designer to do the initial design and garden work for you. When you hire a designer, you get more than just the foliage, trees and flowers. A designer will know how to combine the right elements to create a practical and sustainable tropical garden of your dreams.

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