4 Plants That Require Little Watering

Australia is well known for its hot and dry climate. Large expanses of land may exhibit desert-like conditions. With this type of environment, plants that do well here need to survive on minimal water.

Although certain areas may be arid, this does not mean that your only houseplant options are cacti.

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Here are a few examples of plants that require little watering. Because these plants can thrive without being watered for days or weeks, they require minimal maintenance and may also be recommended for people who have very hectic schedules.

Snake Plant

Also known the ribbon plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, this indoor plant is distinguished by its long curvilinear leaves with bands in a darker green colour. A plant that is native to West Africa, the snake plant is known for its hardiness. It can survive in dark places with minimal amounts of water for two to three weeks at a time.

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Rubber Plant

The shiny leaves of this sturdy plant were a mainstay in a lot of homes during the 1970s. Built for the indoor environment, the leaves can change in colour depending on the amount of sunlight the plant receives. When left in the dark, the leaves exhibit a light green hue. On the other hand, just a bit of sunlight will darken their colours.

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Orange Daylily

Identified by its bright orange hue, the tiger daylily loves lots of sun. They thrive in areas where there is minimal water available. To make them bloom during the warm summer months, it is advised that you start planting the seeds during fall or spring season.

Like the other plants on this list, this vibrantly-coloured perennial requires little maintenance. Once the flowers start blooming, you can fold them towards the ground.

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Peace Lily

One way of cleaning your air indoors without investing in expensive systems is to plant and maintain peace lilies. This type of lily is identified by its white petals that resemble delicate sails. With a bit of sunlight, the peace lily can produce several flowers, although too much won’t do the plant any good.

To maintain this plant, all you need is to keep the soil damp. For some homeowners, they wait for the flowers and leaves to droop before they start putting in water again.

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These are some of the plants that are known to thrive well in the harsh Australian landscape. Try planting a few indoors or in your yard to make your garden livelier.

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