4 Plants With Natural And Beautiful Fragrances

Certain types of plants can leave a wonderful scent in the air. Depending on the type of plant you have in your garden, you can make the air feel fresher, warmer, or even spicier. Whether you have a massive, lush garden or simply a series of potted plants inside your home, including a few fragrant varieties can do wonders.

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Here are a few examples of plants with natural and beautiful fragrances that you can plant in your garden or inside your home.

  1. Gardenia

People love gardenias for their fragrant flowers. But although the blooms are lovely to look at and have wonderfully fragrant flowers, they can be tricky to plant. The gardenia likes humid environments and getting lots of sunlight. However, you will still need to protect it from drafts.

You will also need to provide the plants with lots of fertiliser, especially during the spring and summer months. No fertiliser should be used during the colder fall and winter month.

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  1. Citrus

Having citrus plants in your garden offers a wide host of benefits. Besides adding colour and life to your garden, the trees’ blossoms and fruits provide a refreshing fragrance. As long as the plants are placed in areas where they can receive ample amounts of sunlight, water and fertiliser, most varieties are also easy to plant, maintain and grow.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to citrus plants, including oranges, lemons and grapefruit varieties, among others. Give it enough love and time and you will also get to literally reap and harvest the fruits of your labour. If you want quicker results or wish to have a citrus plant inside your home, you can also opt for the grafted variety.

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  1. Rose

Roses are immensely popular and fragrant plants. They come in a wide variety of colours, from the traditional blood red to shades of pink, yellow and blue. You can find buds being sold in high quantities, especially during Valentine’s Day.

Contrary to popular belief, roses are not difficult to grow. Plus, there are several varieties that are resistant to disease and pests.

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  1. Lilac

Although lilac blossoms have a sweet smell, they are not a popular choice in more modern gardens. These types of plants are better suited for regions with lower temperatures. Considered a hardy plant, you can expect flowers to appear even during the coldest winter months.

There are several varieties of lilacs, each with its own distinct smell. Aspiring gardeners are advised to check the lilacs in bloom to see which variety is preferred.

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