Stunning Flower Bed Arrangements

Jim's MowingA Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Stunning Flower Bed Arrangements

Colour is among the major features that draw people to a garden. Thus, most gardeners suggest using colours that sing and sparkle in the garden. If you have a small garden, you may need to limit the colours to avoid clashes. But if you have a wide space, you can try various colour schemes in different areas of your garden to attain stunning flower bed arrangements.

How to Make Stunning Flower Beds

Step 1: Choose a spot

Some of the best spots for a stunning flower bed include at the edge of a sidewalk, along the home’s foundation, and snuggled against a side. These locations remain the top choices because the flower beds will act as a beautiful transition area between the home and the garden area.

But this does not necessarily mean that you cannot consider other options. For instance, you can expand a flower bed as it turns a corner of the building to widen your planting space. Also, you can create a flower bed outside a front-yard fence, along one side of the swimming pool, or along the driveway.

Creating an island of colour at the centre of your lawn is surely a dramatic option you can try. This will break up a wide expanse because of the colourful focal point. Be sure to choose plants that require less water than your turf so you can conserve water.

Step 2: Decide on shape

When it comes to shape, there is no right or wrong choice. This will greatly depend on your personal preference. However, there are several important things to remember. For instance, rectangular and square garden beds work best with both modern and traditional landscapes. If you want to achieve a more casual look, opt for sweeping or gentle curves. And if you want to create garden islands, refrain from the oval or circle design. Instead, you can go for a heart-shaped layout.

Take into account how the flower beds will fit in your garden and how it will highlight your home’s architectural features. You can actually use a length of rope or hose to experiment with various shapes until you find the perfect design.

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Step 3: Decide on colour scheme

Generally, you must stick to no more than three main colours. You can just add variety by changing the shades of every colour.

A monochromatic colour scheme provides a sense of order and calmness. On the other hand, a complementary colour scheme will create a great sense of vibrancy. Although a more complex colour approach is more challenging, the result is definitely worth it.

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Step 4: Vary the plant height

A combination of low and tall plants can make a huge difference between a garden that is lively and one that is static. You must place the taller plants in the middle or at the back while the shortest are at the edges.

Step 5: Plant for all seasons

There are plants that bloom profusely from spring to fall. Look for those with varying flower times and be sure to spread them throughout your garden.

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