Not A Green Thumb?

Not A Green Thumb? These Plants Are For You!

Gardening is such a trend these days. Social media celebrates it so much that even if you’ve never been interested in growing anything before, you probably have already written in your planner that you would be dedicating a weekend to gardening.

Here’s something that you need to know about gardening: It isn’t easy. Horticulture is a hobby that takes many years to master and if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s going to be an eternal struggle.

But the wonderful thing about gardening, even if results are less than thrilling most of the time, and even when you pour insane amounts of effort, time and money into it, the small victories can easily outweigh all the frustrations. Once you see something growing, all the pessimism automatically goes away and it’s replaced by the enthusiasm to continue giving the activity more of yourself.

If you wish to ensure “some” success even if you’re not a green thumb, then you must choose to grow plants that will develop even without much care on your part. There are many such plants, and not only will these grow even if you don’t get involved, but they can also withstand the harsh conditions of the country’s driest places such as the Northern Territory.

What plants are these?

  1. Any plant with thick, fleshy leaves or stems grows without much care. Coast Hakea, for example, is a plant that will not die even with neglect and extreme weather conditions.
  2. Plants with silver leaves. The perfect example is the common emu-bush. This plant reflects sunlight and this special ability ensures minimised water loss even in times of drought. It also has tiny hairs on its surface, which restricts airflow close to the leaf’s surface where water loss normally takes place.
  3. Plants with small leaves such as the Oyster Bay Pine. This is a drought-tolerant plant that also doesn’t need special care. It can grow on its own because the small leaves manage water loss effectively.
  4. Yellow-rooted plants tend to be drought-resistant as well and do not require special maintenance to thrive.
  5. Any plant that has phyllodes instead of leaves. Phyllodes are flattened leafstalks that are effective in preventing water loss. Most native Acacia species develop phyllodes and can grow healthily with little human involvement.
Jim's Mowing

Coast Hakea

Jim's Mowing

Common Emu Bush

Jim's Mowing

Oyster Bay Pine







Jim's Mowing

Acacia Echinula Phyllodes

These are just some of the plants that can make you seem like you have a green thumb because you simply cannot kill them. They’re not only drought-resistant, but they’re generally quite resilient as well.

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