Herb Gardening In Unique Ways

Jim's MowingGrowing herbs in your property offers plenty of benefits. If they are portable, you can easily find their preferred shade and sun locations. Also, you can conveniently keep them in the kitchen for cooking. Most importantly, herbs are excellent edible works of art. Herb gardening in unique ways allows homeowners to easily grow their own herbs.

4 Creative Ways to Grow Herbs

  1. Pallet Herb Garden

Prior to planting herbs in a pallet, you must make sure that the wood is food-safe. Pallets have stamps on them which indicate how they were treated. Know that the stamps vary by county; thus, you must examine your pallet carefully and look up the code.

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  1. Potted Herb Garden

You can use plastic flower pots, baskets, barrels, wooden boxes, and any container that is at least 15cm big. It is crucial for you to create holes in the container’s bottom for easy and proper drainage.

Clean the containers before filling them with nutrient-rich, organic, and fresh potting soil. If you are to use nursery plants that are root bound, loosen the roots at the bottom of the soil and set them slightly deeper than when they were in the nursery pots. Lastly, water them thoroughly.

  1. Mason Jar Herb GardenJim's Mowing

Recycle your jars and place them on a pallet. You can also use a piece of wood and hang them in your favourite space at home. This is one of the best ideas to try if you want to watch your herbs grow before your eyes.

Fill the jars ¾ full with high quality organic potting soil. Add seeds to every jar. Be sure to always follow the planting instructions. Cover the seeds with more potting soil. Lastly, water them properly. Don’t forget to place identification tags on every Mason jar.

4 .Self-Watering Herb Planters

If you are wondering what you can do with all those empty wine bottles, consider creating self-watering herb planters. But before that, you need to learn how to correctly cut wine glasses. And among the easiest ways of cutting the bottles is with the use of a bottle cutter.

When the bottles have been cut, it is time to plant. Layer the herbs up as you would do with other plants. You can add some stones at the base of the bottle’s neck for drainage. To hold the soil, add some dirt. Make sure to pop the herbs in a sunny position.

Growing your own herbs is the best way to avoid having the leftover herbs slowly wilt and end up in compost bins. The good news is that growing herbs in a small space is easier than you think. In Australia, some of the herbs you can easily grow at home will include mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and basil.

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