Australia’s 6 Most Popular Roses

Do You Know Your Rose Species? The 6 Most Popular Roses In Australia

Roses are no doubt the most recognisable flowers out there. They inspire beautiful poems and countless movies have capitalised on the special beauty these flowers possess. Likewise, they are known for being used in beauty products; organically grown roses are turned into rose water that can be used as a toner for the face or a tonic to achieve beautiful skin and of course roses have long been used to make wonderful fragrances.

Most people are familiar with the red rose. It’s often given as a gift because it symbolises love and beauty. But other colours and species are popular as well, and over the years the demand for these varieties has increased significantly.

Do you like roses and do you wish to grow them in your garden? Do you know your rose species, though? To provide you with a better idea of the vast selection of roses that you can find in gardening shops throughout Australia, rounded up below are the most commonly cultivated in Southern Australia.

  1. Climbing, Rambling and Pillar Roses

These are perfect if you have trellises in your garden because they have to be supported by a frame. They come in different sizes and they typically are in bloom from spring to autumn.

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2. Floribunda Roses

These are small to medium sized roses that grow in clusters. They come in a variety of colours and look beautiful when planted in profusion. They typically grow from 1m to 2m tall and 1m wide.

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  1. Heritage Roses

These are very old rose types (such as Albas, Centifolias, and Gallicas) that tend to only bloom in spring. They are very beautiful in shape and colour. Quite similar to these are Species Roses except these have hips or decorative seedpods.

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  1. Hybrid Tea Roses

You can easily distinguish these from others because of their large size and multiple blooms that grow out of one stem. Plus, these roses tend to come in a gradation of colours. These are some of the most commonly grown throughout Australia and they grow from 1.5m to 2m in height and 1.5m in width.

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  1. Miniature Roses

These bud onto a single stem and they only grow from 75cm to 90cm tall. They make great potted plants for your decks and patios. Miniature roses come in different colours as well.

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  1. Modern Shrub Roses

Lastly, these are large bushes that are also tall and spread wide. Modern Shrub roses have many branching canes with a lax arching habit. These are very pretty and voluminous.

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