How To Make Money From Your Yard Scraps

If you’ve already grown tired of all the scraps inside and outside your home, the smartest decision you can make is to sell some (or most) of them. It’s a great way to declutter your home and earn some money at the same time.

To help you go about the whole process of turning your trash into treasures correctly, here are some steps and tips to keep in mind:

Put some thought into what you want to sell.

No matter how valuable you think all your items are, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to make money from all of them. This is something that you would do well to remember. The best way to choose which items you should sell from your clutter is to set a minimum amount for everything you want to get rid of. A realistic amount would be up to $10. If you think people won’t pay this amount for a particular item because it’s too old or it isn’t functional anymore, consider donating it to charity.

Decide how to best sell your items.

There are different ways for you to sell your item now. You can consider doing things traditionally and hold a garage or yard sale. A garage or yard sale can limit your sales only to a small number of buyers, but you have the advantage of targeting locals who can’t resist the lure of impulse buying.

You can also consider setting up a stall at a local market, school, or church sale. However, you have to pay for a fee for joining such activities.

Another traditional strategy to consider is to sell your stuff at a pawn shop. The most popular of these stores is Cash Converters – they have a branch in nearly all areas around Australia.

Online selling is another option worth considering. The most popular online selling sites today are Gumtree, Quicksales, eBay, and Trading Post. Facebook is also quite useful for selling both brand new and used items so consider using this site as well.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can go both the traditional and online route to reach more potential buyers and boost your sales. Just be wary of shipping expenses and make sure you lay out fair terms and conditions first for all your items.

Prep your items.

If you’re selling toys, clothing, and kitchenware, make sure they are clean. If you want to put price tags on each item, do this in advance and make sure that the prices are clear and easily readable; you can use bright stickers or labels. For pieces of furniture, take note of the measurements. Do the same for bigger appliances and jot down other details as well such as its age, condition, and minor imperfections, if there are any. These are all pieces of information worth putting on your promotional or advertising pieces. If you’re selling online, make sure you take good photos of each item. Arrange each item in a way that showcases its best features.

Price items appropriately.

Lastly, put realistic prices on all the items. If your price too high, it could limit interest. If you price too low, it can also discourage interest since people may assume there is something wrong with the item. If you don’t have any idea of how to fairly and realistically price items, do some research online. Don’t forget to put some allowances since there will be buyers who will negotiate the prices or ask for discounts.


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