Have You Got a Rubbish Buildup?

The amount of waste produced per person increases as populations grow. In Australia, about 48 million tons of waste are produced each year. This waste comes from three main sources: commercial and industrial waste, building and demolition waste, and household waste.

In Australia, household waste makes up more than half of all solid waste. This is made up of plastics, paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, food scraps, and garden waste.

Burning Garden Waste

Burning rubbish and wood in incinerators and open fires can create smoke which pollutes the air. Unauthorised incineration and backyard burning are prohibited at all NSW council areas.

In places where backyard burning is not allowed, there are actually certain situations wherein fires can be lit outside in NSW. These include some agricultural purposes, eligible hazard reduction work, and authorised fire-fighting training.

Working with Garden Rubbish Removal Experts

Since it is illegal (in most places) to burn garden waste, the best way to dispose of all the rubbish is to invest in garden rubbish removal services.

A reputable garden rubbish removal company is capable of removing all kinds of waste from your garden. This includes weeds, green waste, wood removal, storm debris, miscellaneous junk, garden debris and removal of old fencing.

Garden removal experts won’t just efficiently and quickly remove the rubbish from your garden; they will also recycle as much as they possibly can. Recycling plays a crucial role in decreasing the demand on the landfills. If you let experts remove your rubbish, you do not need to hire a skip bin or even worry about your neighbours filling your bin with their own waste.

Choosing the Best Rubbish Removal Company

Be sure to work with a garden waste removal company that has vehicles that can conveniently and easily access your garden so they can load the waste without any difficulty.

They must give you a quote before any work commences and charge you correctly for the amount of waste that must be removed.

You may choose to let the company pay a visit (or pay more than one visit) to your property to make sure that your garden is free from any waste. Most importantly, work with a company that is fully insured and easily identifiable.

Experts will do all the necessary work. And upon completion of the associated tasks, they will thoroughly clean up the site so you can use your yard once again. The best garden rubbish removal service can be the most cost-efficient solution for all your clean-up needs.


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