Garden Designs for Different Businesses

Gardens are becoming essential parts of modern commercial spaces. Many business owners these days have learned that gardens and landscapes are great ways of showing clients their commitment to sustainability and of helping preserve and save Mother Nature.

On the other hand, modern landscapers and gardeners also support sustainable landscaping by incorporating eco-friendly gardening techniques to their commercial garden design offerings. Others even design and manage organic practices depending on the gardening requirements of their clients.

In Australia, garden designs vary according to certain factors such as climate, soil, and other plant requirements to ensure plants will grow and thrive under these conditions in the local environment.  For this, you need to talk to your landscape contractor about the garden design that best suits not only your business needs but also your location.

Here are suggested garden ideas for various types of commercial spaces.

Herb Gardens for Spas or Restaurants

In restaurants or spas, an herb-inspired garden may work best, most especially if you want to have a sustainable garden. Grow a variety of herbs in neat beds. Separate them with brick walks. You may also arrange them in a formal design like the usual vertical herb garden or the creative garden pallets. There are many materials you can recycle and re-use as creative planters that your clients will surely find amazing.

You can also arrange them to create a spiral garden using gabion walls. Gabion walls made of wood or stones make interesting additions to your garden.

To complete your restaurant garden, add something as a focal point of the garden — perhaps a sundial for a more rustic feel. If you have no sundial, you can create an interactive sundial using colorful stones. Your customers will surely love the experience of checking the time around the stone-made sundial on the ground.

Curved Gabion Wall


Vertical Herb Garden

Herb Garden made from Recycling






Water Gardens for Hotels and Resorts

Whether it’s a fishpond, a fountain, or an artificial pool planted with lilies and hyacinths and surrounded by weathered rocks, water gardens make amazing Australian native garden designs for hotels, resorts, schools, and other spaces that can accommodate larger gardens.

The smart placement of rocks, sand, gravel, and pebbles is as important as the mosses and hedges in Aussie gardens. Bring your customers close to nature with a “Blue Lotus-inspired” water garden. Create a spectacular view from the balcony with your collections of native wild flowers. It’s also fun to include an outdoor furniture setting in the garden where customers have the chance of spending more time sitting and relaxing, watching and admiring the beauty of blooming aquatic plants and swimming fishes in the lily pool.

Blue Lotus

Modern Fountain

Water Garden Pond

Water Fall

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