Create Garden Art from 5 Household Rubbish Items

Turn your unused or old household items into treasures by making decorations from them to achieve a unique design for your garden. Let your garden showcase your creativity and personality.

It can be very challenging to make garden decorations using different recycling ideas. Also, it can be interesting to find materials for DIY and art projects. Moreover, this helps reduce clutter and the environment.

Rubbish You Can Use

Old Tyres – Every year, there are plenty of scrap tyres piling up in vacant plots or solid waste management facilities. Avoid adding up to such a heavy load by recycling a few of them. For instance, you can use them for growing herbs like sage and thyme. You must dig out the soil so the tyres can go into the holes with just their tops visible. Fill the inside of the tyres with soil and plant herbs on it. With the tyres’ thick walls, the spread of herbs beyond the intended space can be prevented. To achieve a fresh, attractive look, paint the tyres in bright hues.












Glass Bottles – Use these as borders for your flower beds. Make them more interesting by using bottles in different colors. But before commencing with the project, you must collect plenty of bottles.














Old Desk – Remove all the contents of the desk and position it in a shaded portion of the garden. To protect it from different elements, you need to paint it to your desired colour. There are seeds that sprout well in the dark while the others need a bit of sunlight. For light-loving seeds, place them on the top drawers while those that require darkness must be kept closed. Always check for sprouting and moisture every day.











Old Boots – You do not have to look for old boots of the same colour, type or size. To make it more enticing, paint quotes or designs on them. Giving good drainage is the most crucial thing when undertaking this project. You need to drill several holes into the boots’ soles before filling them up with soil. You can just place them on benches or nail them up on your fences.


















Old Jeans – A durable material that you can recycle in many different ways is denim. You can just stuff them with straw or cut off the jeans’ legs. Hook the jeans up so it will be a lot easier for you to fill them.






Start searching the basement and attic for reusable items. You can also look outside your home but refrain from buying new stuff. Simple yet attractive recycled crafts will teach you to appreciate simple skills.

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