Cost-effective Solutions to Get Rid of Your Rubbish

Getting rid of your yard waste and other household rubbish can be burdensome. The task of collecting and disposing can be strenuous and getting rubbish removal services can be pricey if you have lots and of rubbish to get rid of.

Now, how can you get rid of your rubbish the cost-effective way without having to do all the hard  labour?

First: Evaluate the amount and kind of your rubbish.

Some of them need to go straight in the bag for collection such as those that can never be recycled or reused. Recycle what you can. Separate those that you can still use for composting such as garden and grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen vegetable scraps. Composting is the best way to recycle rubbish. Compost is a great fertiliser for your lawn and garden.

Another purpose is to reduce those organic materials that need to be disposed of.

Second: Know the limit of what your local sanitation agency can pickup.

This way you’ll know what kind of rubbish to put in the bag and how much of it can be collected without additional charge.

Third: Bring the rest to the nearest waste recycling centre in your area.

If you have no truck, then simply call them and arrange for pickup. Dumping fee varies either by weight or per load. If it is per load, cut large pieces of rubbish into smaller sizes to save on bulky rubbish charges.

Fourth: Hire a rubbish or waste removal team, most particularly when you have large piles of garden waste.

This proves to be more economical than having to do all the hauling and dumping.

On the other hand, if you have a new lawn or intend to have one, you can also convert those heavy branches and shrubs into mulch by renting a chipper.

Fifth: Investing in some equipment can be more cost-effective and time-efficient, especially if you have a great deal of garden rubbish every season.

Some important pieces of equipment to invest in are a mulching mower, a yard blower, and a shredder or chipper. Not only will these equipment ease your rubbish removal tasks, but they will also help keep your lawn healthy.


Mulching Mower

Leaf Blower









The mower, for example, is not just for cutting the grass. While mowing, you can remove the grass catcher and allow the grass clippings to remain in the lawn so that valuable nutrients are absorbed and you won’t need to fertilise so often.

Instead of raking the large piles of leaves, the blower can help you put them into the bags.

Depending on the kind and amount of rubbish you deal with every season, think about the kind of equipment you really need to invest in. If it is too much for your budget, you might want to consider sharing with your trusted neighbours.

There are certainly a lot of cheaper ways to get rid of your rubbish, but cheap does not always mean the best option. You need to calculate, research, and talk to experts at your local waste management centre.

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