What Do Commercial Landscapers Actually Do?

Landscaping can address aesthetics, air quality, biodiversity, local food production, water management, climate modification, and habitat creation. It can also help cool and warm your property.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

Commercial property owners can greatly benefit from commercial landscaping, which is a complete landscaping service that will include planning, designing, installation and maintenance of landscapes for both small and big businesses.

Studies have shown that with a well-maintained landscape, your business can attract new clients. Also, this will boost worker productivity. Investing in attractive landscaping is a great way of showing your ecological values to your customers. Let your customers know you are doing so by installing native plants and watering gardens, and using sustainable hardscape materials. Advocating the use of earth-friendly practices is also a smart move.

Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping refers to designing and constructing the landscape around the building and enhancing the natural landscapes. It means putting back much of what might have been in place prior to development. It also means presenting things that weren’t there before to make sure that the landscape is economical and eco-friendly.

Plants that perform well in the area are very crucial. Sustainable plants include native and indigenous plants. Native plants are those from Australia while indigenous plants are those specific to a certain place. Ideally, these plants must perform well even without the need for soil modification, excessive watering, and thorough maintenance regimes.

What Can Commercial Landscapers Do

Commercial landscapers do more than just mowing the lawn.

First, they can help you plan as well as install an inviting workplace frontage based on your set budget.

Second, they can see what must be done so that your business is always looking its best.

Lastly, they can offer seasonal or regular maintenance services for mowing, trimming, plant replacement, pruning, and weeding.

Characteristics Commercial Landscapers Must Have

  1. Excellent communication skills – They must contact you through email or phone regularly and always inform you of what must be done and how long it will take.
  2. Proactive – They must anticipate possible landscape problems and opportunities.
  3. Transparent – The invoices they give you must be clear and understandable. They must clearly show where your hard-earned money is going.
  4. Experienced – They must have plenty of years of experience when it comes to performing commercial landscaping. Check the properties they have landscaped before.
  5. Resourceful – They reuse existing site materials, like excavated rocks. Also, they use recycled materials like crushed concrete and recycled glass wherever possible.

There are no such things as maintenance-free landscapes. Everything created artificially for human purposes will require on-going maintenance. And this means investing in commercial landscaping services.

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