5 Most Popular Autumn Flowering Plants


With the right gardening plan and strategies, you can have a home surrounded by attractive, colourful, and vibrant flowers all year round. Even during winter and the months leading up to it, you can have a gorgeous and lively looking yard as long as you have plants that bloom during autumn.

Below are the most popular types of plants you should have in your garden if you are looking to have some autumn-blooming flowers:

1. Dahlias shine during autumn since they are in their element during this season. These multi-layered flowers come in a variety of stunning colours. To enjoy the sight of these flowers during autumn, new dahlia tubers should be planted in August. In February, dead flowers should be removed so that they will bloom well throughout autumn. Dahlias thrive best in wet and dry tropical areas as well as in the dry inland parts of Australia.


2. More popularly known as the “carpet of snow,” alyssums are charming, easy-to-grow plants that yield a cornucopia of fragrant white flowers. They are hardy and versatile and, as such, are great as edgings, for wall gardens, and rockeries. They grow best in temperate, cool, subtropical, and the Mediterranean areas of Australia.

3. This type of flower is highly popular during Mother’s Day since they bloom at their best from March through May. The most popular colours of chrysanthemums include white, pink, purple, yellow, and bronze. The flowers come in various shapes and sizes as well. Chrysanthemums grow well in dry and wet and dry tropical areas.


4. Marigolds come in rich yellow, cream, lemon, gold, orange, and reddish-brown colours; as such, they never fail to brighten any garden. The two most popular varieties of marigold locally are French and African. French marigolds are smaller and have small flowers as well. The African variety, on the other hand, is taller and produces large flowers. They are very easy to grow and can be planted almost anywhere and all year round, particularly in the warm regions of Australia.

5. More popularly known as cockscombs, celosia flowers look like upright peaks or spires. They come in orange, red, and yellow colours. Because their wonderful shades and tones match the warm textures of autumn, they are a favourite among many local gardeners. They also look great in bouquets and as ornamental flowers. Cockscombs are popular garden plants in wet and dry tropical areas and in the dry inland parts of Australia.



Even if the temperature is starting to drop, don’t let the start of the gloomy, cold season get you down. With bright, colourful flowers in your garden, you can enjoy a natural “pick-me-up” every time you look at these plants.

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