Top 3 Landscaping Ideas For Large Backyards

Whenever you look at your huge, empty backyard, in your mind, you can probably hear it begging to be landscaped. Although a huge outdoor space can be great as a personal recreational area for kids and teens, you will still get more out of it and get your property looking better if you have it landscaped.

Landscaping a huge backyard, however, doesn’t simply entail planting some seeds in certain areas and waiting for them to grow, and putting in some pieces of outdoor furniture. Here are some of the best landscaping ideas and strategies that will
work well for you and your property if you’re designing a large backyard.

1. When coming up with a design, use zones.

The final landscape design of an expansive yard can lack focus if you don’t divide it into specific sectors. When coming up with the plan, consider each area as an outdoor room and use its function to define its design. If you want to have an outdoor kitchen or dining area, make sure the designated spot has a grill, patio table, and chairs. Its layout should make it easily noticeable that it is an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

If you want to have a quiet place to relax outdoors, consider allocating an area for installing a water feature, a shade, and some comfy chairs where you can read a book or even meditate.  When planning these rooms, don’t forget to leave a portion of the yard open for your kids to play. Make sure it will be spacious enough to hold a trampoline and some outdoor play equipment.







2. Opt for a curvilinear design.

Different landscape styles can work for large backyards. However, a curvilinear design can be truly appealing since it effortlessly simulates a natural look thanks to its use of the curved boundary lines that follow the contours of your yard. Properties standing on rolling terrains (such as those found in certain areas in Sydney and Perth) can also benefit greatly from this landscape style since the curved lines can highlight changes in grade and successfully incorporate them into the design.

A curvilinear design will enable you to take advantage of your yard’s views on all sides since it is supposed to blend with your outdoor space’s natural curves instead of trying to create a new yet conventional rectilinear shape.







3. Layer the plants.

Lastly, by layering your plants, you will be able to give your huge backyard and landscape additional texture and an appealing look. To achieve this look, place or cultivate tall plants along the edges of your yard. It would work to your advantage to plant native, hardy trees. If you live somewhere in South Eastern Australia, consider planting the Golden Wattle. Eucalyptus trees are also easy to grow and can be planted anywhere, but keep in mind that they have low tolerance for frost and fire.

In the middle and front, plant bold, colourful shrubs such as native species of grevilleas, honey myrtles, and bottlebrushes. Just make sure you layer them so that the smaller varieties of bushes are in front.







A huge backyard can be the complete, perfect outdoor space for everyone, and for different purposes. This can be achieved effortlessly if it has the right landscape design.

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