Landscaping Tips That Could Save You Money

Beautifying an outdoor space through landscaping often seems like a daunting project to take – especially with the potential costs that it may entail. Many homeowners are aware of just how easy it is to lose control of the budget for improvement initiatives as inspiration keeps pouring in.

What they may not be aware of is there are countless solutions you can take to stay within budget without sacrificing your results. Landscaping doesn’t need to set your finances back if you play it smart.

How to go about it?

Here are our best tips to a frugal approach to landscaping:

  • Establish the style and changes you want to determine the expense for each component and the project’s total cost. With this information clearly laid out, you can then work on identifying areas of the project where you can further slash costs.
  • When you’re shopping for décor or looking for materials, you don’t always have to limit yourself to local gardening stores or big hardware chains. Tap into e-Bay, Amazon, and other online shopping sites to find good deals on
    everything from bricks to tiles and even a variety of perennials compatible with your local climate. Likewise, don’t discount junkyards and yard sales especially if you’re in search of
    garden furniture. And don’t overlook damaged items because they’re perfect for adding charm and whimsy to lawns or gardens.
  • Consider decreasing your lawn size, or the ground areas with grass cover. You can reduce the size of your yard by creating flowerbeds and filling them with native plants or hardy
    shrubs and flowers. Your local garden designer can provide you expert guidance in picking the right plants. Whilst this entails initial investment, it only takes one season to recoup the costs for there will be less watering and less fertilizing involved as the new plants begin to establish your property as their home.
  • Tidy up your garden beds with mulch. You’ll be surprised at how this easy trick can make your outdoor space look more presentable.
  • Avoid monocultures to keep weeds and pests at bay. Also, monocultures are susceptible to damage so it may be helpful to combine different types of turf to your lawn. Doing this may take down costs especially if you choose budget-friendly options that easily thrive in your area. If you live in Queensland or NSW, varieties such as Kikuyu and Zoysia are perfect for the warm climate. Ask us for recommendations on grass and plant varieties suitable to your climate and soil conditions.

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