How Landscaping Can Increase Your Properties’ Value

Any real estate professional will tell you that curb appeal has an impact on the value of a property. This is one of the reasons why home stagers preparing a property for an open house always make sure that yards are tidy and landscaped. First impressions count and the first thing potential buyers see (as far as detached homes with lawns go) is, of course, the state of property’s outdoor space.







Aside from creating the right impression on real estate buyers, there are other reasons why landscaping boosts property value.

  • Leafy streets that have 50 percent cover have been found to add up to 5.4 percent more to the median house sale price, according to a case study by the Brisbane City Council.
  • A broad-leaved tree located in front of a home has the ability to boost the property’s median price by as much as $16,889, reveals a Perth-based research.
  • Survey results also show that the amount of money directed toward landscaping increases perceived home value, and thus will result in a much higher asking price. In addition to the cost of landscaping, design value of landscaping is another factor that has the power to nudge property value higher.

Meanwhile, homeowners who have no plans of selling their property also have more to gain from this effort. Landscaping upgrades allow you to get more use out of your lawn or garden. Many find delight in the results of such a project because who wouldn’t like having beautiful nature around them?

Easy, High-Impact Landscaping

If you want to try landscaping strategies that can enhance the value of your home, you may want to consider the following easy, practical improvements:

  1. Polish those edges. You can spend your weekends trimming overgrowth of grass to clearly define the edges of your lawn. Or you can restrain invasive turf like Kikuyu and Couch by creating solid physical barriers around the edges of your lawn.
  2. Plant in profusion. Lush landscaping can alter the dimensions of your outdoor space and give it an appearance of health. Choose hardy plants or flowers endemic to your region. For example, if you live in Melbourne, you won’t have trouble growing Mulla Mulla, Everlasting Daisies and Geraldton Wax. These will proliferate really quickly, providing your garden pops of colour and additional dimensions.
  3. Add potted plants. You can use potted plants to create sections in your yard and add flattering height to certain areas.

These are just some of the many findings that prove how landscaping increases property function and aesthetics. If you want to optimise your home’s value and boost the quality of life in your home, consider a landscaping project for your outdoor spaces.

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